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Current Internet Security Challenges.

Enhance your global security perimeter.

The rapid pace of globalisation and mobile working means that the security perimeter has moved from its previously fixed and well-defined boundaries, to being everywhere and anywhere.

BT Assure Managed Cloud offers cloud based internet security, which enforces your corporate security policy, on any device, from any location.

Protection for your web traffic.

BT Assure Managed Cloud is a managed cloud based security service that provides real-time protection for your internet traffic. The service provides enhanced URL filtering controls to help increase user productivity, reduce bandwidth congestion, and protect your network from undesirable web content. As a first line of defence against threats, the service also proactively blocks web malware before it reaches the company network.

Advanced Threat Protection.

In order to defend and respond to advanced persistent threats, you need to address advanced malware before, during and after a security breach with a multi-layered defence framework.

BT Assure Managed Cloud provides the advanced protection that is required to defend against sophisticated malware. By blocking malware and providing continuous security and analysis to contain and fix threats that have entered your network, you are in a better position to defend against APT attacks.

BT’s approach to Cloud Security Services.

BT’s Security CEO, Mark Hughes, and Global Sales Director, Kate Kuehn, provide an overview of BT’s approach to Cloud Security Services.

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  • Full protection against threats with real-time scanning of inbound and outbound internet traffic, blocking known and zero-day threats before they reach your network. Provides advanced protection using the latest known threat intelligence - once a threat is detected, the cloud infrastructure enables immediate blocking of the threat to all global customers.
  • Cloud deployment means no upfront hardware/software costs and no maintenance of hardware appliances
  • Block access to websites that contain inappropriate content in line with your usage policy and block confidential or private data from leaving your network to the web.
  • Define your internet access policy rules and permissions for all global users and applications and apply changes in real-time.
  • Ensure consistent protection and policy for all users, both inside and outside the network—including mobile and remote users.

The Details

BT Assure Managed Cloud Specifications.

Web Filtering: Protects your company network and staff from undesirable web content

Web Security: Proactively blocks the known threats before they reach the company network and defends against the unknown “zero-day” threats.

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection: Behavioural Analysis and Anomaly Detection help to identify abnormal traffic patterns and malicious behaviour.

Mobile Security: Protect mobile traffic—browser and app—to ensure that your users are protected against advanced web browsing threats and your organisation is in compliance with corporate security policies.

Guest/Corporate Wi-fi: Provide safe internet access to both your employees and your guests

Cloud Based Next Generation Firewall: Provides powerful network security, control and visibility everywhere, with no on-premise hardware or software required

Partners in the cloud.

BT has partnered with Cisco and Zscaler, leading providers of cloud security solutions to provide a highly secure Assure Managed Cloud solution.


Assure Managed Cloud with Zscaler provides an Internet security platform with services that scan and filter every byte of your network traffic, including SSL-encrypted sessions, as it passes to and from the internet.


Assure Managed Cloud with the Cisco Cloud Web Security solution delivers comprehensive web defence, advanced threat protection and superior cloud-enabled flexibility across the full attack continuum, before during and after an attack.


Assure Managed Cloud is available in UK, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordics, US & Canada.


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