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Enjoy domestic calls and European direct dialling through one supplier

Why keep domestic calls and direct dial services between your European offices separate? Now you can have your domestic and International Direct Dialling (IDD) voice services across the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain – all through one supplier. BT offers you a fully featured digital telephone service, local billing and a choice of access options to suit the different needs of your offices.

Key benefits

Discover the benefits of one supplier

BT Business Voice Select enables you to work with just one service provider for all your voice telephony requirements, helping you:

  • Increase cost efficiency: enjoy cost-effective communication between your European sites with competitive pricing. Drastically reduce call charges with low-rate calls between directly connected offices and benefit from low-rate national and international outbound calls.
  • Simplify your administration: eliminate complex paperwork from multiple suppliers. Business Voice Select simplifies your administration with just one supplier for all your voice services.
  • Enjoy convenient billing: say goodbye to hours of analysing multiple bills. Countries are invoiced locally and you can choose to receive billing and reporting by paper or electronically via a convenient CD-ROM. This makes it quicker and easier for you to get a top-level view of your overall spend.
  • Increase efficiency: rely on a fully managed service that runs on a network owned and maintained end-to-end by BT. With BT’s high levels of quality and reliability, your voice services become one less thing to worry about – so you can focus on your business.

Key features and benefits

Experience a fully featured European voice service

Business Voice Select provides national and international calling across a secure, reliable and extensive voice network fully owned, managed and maintained by BT.

Get a choice of connections for your offices

BT offers you a choice of connections, making it easy to join Business Voice Select. Direct access is available through convenient fixed-line rental that easily connects you to the BT network. Indirect access is also available via carrier pre-selection. This means the local exchange is reprogrammed for you, making the switch to BT simple without the need to pre-dial codes.

Gain a fully featured digital voice service

Business Voice Select offers you fully featured digital telephony via Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) technology. This means you can take advantage of a wealth of voice and data features, including:

  • Video and data capability: data transmission at 64 kbps enables you to use file transfer and video conferencing applications.
  • Calling line identification presentation and restriction: incoming numbers are displayed to help you identify callers before connecting the call. Plus, you can choose to restrict withheld numbers from calling you.
  • Connected line identification presentation and restriction: display of outgoing numbers shows diallers they are calling the right person.
  • Call barring*: you can combine different sets of outgoing call restrictions to suit your needs.
  • Number porting: direct access enables you to port your existing number range onto the BT network. This eradicates the need for a second supplier as BT can route both your incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Sub-addressing: with direct access you can choose to extend addressing beyond your allocated telephone number. This means you can receive calls for several telephone numbers over just one line.

* Not available in Spain. In Italy, call barring is charged as an extra option.

Detailed description

Integrate your European telecommunications

Managing your national calls and direct dial services between your European offices can be complex. Multiple service providers. International calling across numerous tariffs. Several contracts and separate networks. Don’t you just wish it was all a little easier?

Business Voice Select makes it simple. It provides you with a cost-effective way to communicate securely across multiple European sites, integrating all your domestic calls and IDD under a single convenient service.

So if you have offices in the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands or Spain – Business Voice Select enables you to deal with just one supplier. This means simplified administration, with billing and contracting becoming easier than ever before.

Our end-to-end voice service has been specifically developed to offer you a choice of access options. This enables you to cater for the different access needs of your various offices with either direct or indirect access. And as Business Voice Select is based on ISDN technology, you can benefit from a fully featured digital phone service, including video conferencing. Plus, low-rate pricing enables you to drastically reduce your telecommunications costs.

Best of all, Business Voice Select is fully owned, managed and maintained by BT, ensuring that you experience high standards of quality and performance – all with one convenient point of contact.

Who should buy

Is Business Voice Select right for you?

Business Voice Select will be of particular benefit if you are:

  • Based in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands or Spain.
  • A national or pan-European organisation with offices in the countries above, wishing to buy both your domestic voice service and competitive IDD from a single supplier.
  • A national business wanting a domestic service with competitively priced IDD.
  • A national or pan-European customer wanting features not available through resellers.
  • An organisation looking for a fully featured digital phone service.


Business Voice Select is available in:

Czech Republic

Why BT

Offering you over 100 years of experience and expertise

With more than 100 years of experience in telephony, BT is at the forefront of global voice estate management. We offer you international reach and unrivalled technical excellence and reputation – enabling you to integrate your global telecommunication needs into one supplier. We offer:

  • A proven track record: BT has experience in providing corporate voice services, with our network currently carrying in excess of five billion minutes a year for more than 1,000 customers.
  • Flexible voice services: we have the scope and expertise to fulfil your needs and adapt to accommodate your future requirements.
  • Outstanding support structure: our global service and operational centres monitor the core BT network 24/7. This enables us to make sure that you obtain consistently high levels of performance, security and reliability.
  • Service level agreements (SLAs): BT's reputation for outstanding reliability and quality is backed by unambiguous SLAs so you can be sure of service availability, call quality and service delivery.