Case study


BT One Enterprise Lync makes international teamwork easy for hubergroup people


Leading international printing ink manufacturer hubergroup had been growing for a number of years, leaving subsidiaries in several different locations, each with different communications systems. Worldwide collaboration between its 3,600 or so experts and specialists was essential to the success of development projects, but it often took several phone calls before colleagues made contact. Teamwork was complicated. Discussions with suppliers were too. And there were sometimes language and organisational barriers as well.

Making it easier and quicker for its people, customers, and partners to connect and work together was therefore a hubergroup priority. But it also wanted a complete update of its telephony services. So a supplier was sought with strengths not only in Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) systems but in telephony too. In addition, IT security measures had high priority. And a worldwide presence was vital, in particular to connect hubergroup locations across Europe, India and Australia.


Already extensively using Microsoft applications, hubergroup needed something compatible that it could put into action and test with pilot users as quickly and as easily as possible. BT One Enterprise Lync, a Microsoft Lync solution hosted by BT, was the answer. It would run over the existing hubergroup BT IP Connect global network, with the BT Managed Firewall service for extra security.

In preparation, people from the BT Advise international consulting and professional services team, drew up an analysis using the BT Advise One Quick Start process. From this they created a made-to-measure system for hubergroup. The pilot started just three weeks after the first discussions and, soon after the launch, 21 hubergroup pilot users gave the new system strikingly positive feedback. They particularly liked the way they could join video calls without moving away from their own desks.


Because BT One Enterprise Lync is a hosted service there was no need for hubergroup to invest in any new hardware. It also meant the group could set up and start to use the system without delay. The fact that hubergroup IT people were able to call on the technical expertise of BT Advise experts saved them having to acquire specialist knowledge in-house.

BT One Enterprise Lync unifies all hubergroup communications channels. Instant messaging, audio conferencing and video conferencing are available on demand in real time. Colleagues can share desktop views and documents – fast and simple. Suppliers find it easy to join discussions and collaborate with the help of the system’s federation feature. Now, from their desktops, everyone in hubergroup can see in an instant where their colleagues are and how best to reach them. They can also make contact with a single click.

Across the group and across the world, people benefit from huge time savings and improved efficiency. Through the medium of video conferencing, hubergroup people in Germany can meet colleagues in India, Australia, and elsewhere. They get to know them personally rather than just as a name on a page or a voice on the phone. This rich face-to-face interaction also helps overcome cultural and language challenges.

Core Services

  • BT Advise One Quick Start
  • BT One Enterprise Lync
  • BT Managed Firewall
  • BT IP Connect global


Case study