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Data, data and more data.

As your employees explore new ways of working; using cloud computing, social media and mobile devices, you face the enormous challenge of making sure that your data is safe.

It’s about understanding what type of data is stored where and how to ensure it is protected in the right way.

You will also have a need to demonstrate compliance with law and legislation around your data. Key elements of this are user awareness, ensuring policies and procedures are in place and demonstrating that the right technology is implemented to keep your data secure. All of this and keeping the costs under control!

Not an easy task, but a vital one when it comes to managing your risk. No-one can afford a data breach.

The benefits.

Following our standardised approach, our accredited and highly skilled security consultants can help you to define and create end-to-end processes around your data security and embed these into your organisation.

We can also provide managed data security solutions which will address requirements related to law and legislation (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, EU Data Protection Directive and Regulation, Data Protection Act, Sarbanes- Oxley Act, BASEL III, and more) or fulfill bespoke requirements.

Our credentials

Global talent
We have access to a huge pool of security talent. With over 2500 security professionals around the world, of which 500 are security consultants, you’ll have access to specialists in cyber defence, risk and compliance, application and data security and infrastructure. We can offer you the combined vast knowledge and experience of our highly skilled network security consultants alongside proven methodologies.

Breadth of experience
We are ideally placed to help with independent advice. We work with organisations such as the UK’s Ministry of Defence, who demand the highest level of protection. We have also consulted on security for large scale events such as the NATO summit and Expo Milano 2015. Our experience in the finance, manufacturing, retail, government and healthcare sectors is proven. In the field of ethical hacking and penetration testing we have more than 20 years’ experience, testing both our own networks and those of our customers.

We are accredited to deliver professional services on a global scale, meeting ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards. Our relevant accreditations include CESG CHECK, ANSSI, PASSI and the following CREST schemes: Penetration Testing and Simulated Target Attack & Response (STAR).

Joined-up defence
BT is among only a handful of Managed Security providers that also has very strong global capabilities in Information Security Consulting and IT Risk Consulting. We are also one of only a few organisations providing integrated network and security solutions. This joined up approach means that we can look at all the elements of people, process and technology, prevent gaps and provide a joined-up strategy to protect against cyber threats.

For the growing number of enterprises seeking a broader, integrated solution rather than treating security as an isolated silo, BT can offer a one-stop shop security experience”.
- John Marcus, Current Analysis. BT was ranked as “Very Strong” by Current Analysis (2016).

The details

Our approach

  • Our unique program and project management methodology is based on MSP and PRINCE2 and provides a flexible and stable set of operating procedures which are independent of organisation structure.
  • Depending on the size of the engagement project management will be done by a consultant or a dedicated project or program manager.
  • Our proposal will include the basics of scope and deliverables and may also include managed security services, training (on-the-job), hard and software components as well as maintenance contracts to cover hardware break/fix and/or software updates.
  • During the project, we will report status updates and whenever needed exception reports as well. This enables you to understand the overall progress of the project and understand whether critical issues have arisen.
  • The project deliverables may, depending on the scope, include design, installation and implementation documents.
  • In order to guarantee high quality output the project deliverables go through a peer and document quality review before they are shared with you.
  • Once the project has been delivered and handed over to you, the next phase starts. Manage and maintenance of any data security solution is the next challenge and requires a continued focus.


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