Enabling Information Superiority

Enabling information superiority

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Research: Enabling Information Superiority

Achieving Information Superiority

Information has always been critical to achieving successful conflict outcomes. But with the increase in speed, volume and variety of data now available to us, we need to urgently rethink the processes, skills and technology we use to evaluate the data in order to gain operational advantage and achieve Information Superiority.

At this year’s Defence & Security Information Circle (DSIC14), we brought together industry, academia and the MoD to debate how we could collaborate better together, to achieve this aim.

Download the whitepaper below to read General Richard Barron's key considerations on how to achieve Information Superiority.  From partnering with industry, embracing technology to making visualisation a key tool in decision making.


White paper

Research: Enabling Information Superiority whitepaper

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Download the whitepaper

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