Connecting globally.

Connecting globally. Connecting globally.

Mobility and Unified communications solutions

The reality

Consolidate your infrastructure to save costs

You have sites across the world – offices, small branches, your headquarters, people working at home.

You need them all to work together on the same files, and be able to easily talk. And you need to make sure that if you decide to set up a new office: you can easily get everybody connected.

So you’ve probably got two separate networks: your voice network (for all your phones) and your IP network (for everything else).

But is that the best way?

Giving you the tools and technology to unlock new ways of working.

Find out how people can collaborate – wherever they are and in whatever way they need to, while you keep control of cost and security.

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The problem

Holding onto legacy is expensive

When you have two systems, you have twice the work. The thing is, a separate voice network and IP network can make it difficult to set up a new office, and difficult to make sure everything works together seamlessly.

And it’s expensive.

In fact, it can take between three to six months longer to set up those two networks, compared with just one. It could cost you 30% more to run. And every few years, you’ve got to upgrade all the equipment if you want to stay competitive.

You’re not even guaranteed that people at home will be able to easily collaborate, meaning they could be up to 20% less productive1.

Over time, it all adds up.

How we can help

Bring your networks together

We can bring your two networks together. So your voice network runs over your IP network.

The idea is to help you eventually get rid of all that legacy equipment. But you don’t have to do everything at once. If you want to have a hybrid network, maybe to test out small areas or slowly roll it out to certain offices – we can do that.

And if you do, there are five big advantages:

  1. It’s cheaper. One network is cheaper than two.
  2. It’s safer. If there’s a problem in one office, you can route the calls to anywhere else in your company. You can keep your business running – even if the power shuts down.
  3. It’s simpler. We’ll give you one contract, one price for each type of user, consistent service level agreements, and one single experience for your employees. We even have a ‘no minimum term’ option.
  4. It’s more flexible and scalable. If you want to add a new office into the mix, we only need to set up one network. And if you can’t reach it with your IP network (somebody’s home, for example) we can safely go over the internet. So your desk phone can link up to your home phone, if you want.
  5. It’s easier to analyse. We’ve got reporting tools that will tell you what’s going on in the network. So you can plan for the future. Figure out how to get more people on. Or maybe even realise where you need to cut back.

And it’s up to you how you use it. We can host it, you can do it in your own premises, or both.

Key portfolio

Get large sites connected.

  • BT One Voice: Have a single voice network across the world. It uses SIP services to cut your costs by up to 30%, compared with normal voice comms.
  • BT One Cloud: We’ll host your voice and unified comms. So you can add or take off services as you see fit.
  • BT One Enterprise: On-premise voice and unified comms that can work with traditional infrastructure so you don’t have to throw away existing investments.

Get smaller offices connected.

Get everybody else connected.

Why BT

We’re where you are.

If you need one office in the UK, one in Asia and another in Russia – we’re there with you, because we work across the world. Which also means: you’ll pay the same for a user type no matter which country they’re in.

And you can choose better getting it through MPLS, Ethernet the internet and more. Whether that’s in your offices, ours or a mix of the two. We can tailor it exactly as you want it, so you always get the best voice service.

Worried about backups?

We’ve set ourselves up so that if one of our data centres goes down: another will take up the slack.

What about when people are on the move?

We’ve got over 19 million hotspots, across 113 countries. So it’ll cost a lot less to use your smartphones. And in the UK, you can use the biggest 4G network – pretty much anywhere.

And we’re the only provider to partner with Dolby. So not only can you easily hold a meeting wherever you are with our BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice, but you’ll know it’ll be crystal clear. And it works with all our unified comms, web and video conferencing software.


1 Research—Mobility: Why Your Customers Aren’t Satisfied and What to Do About It