The Digital Possible

The Digital Possible

Digital transformation

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Business transformation in the digital age

Digital transformation is a priority for businesses. Customers and employees are more demanding, ecosystems are evolving, and the established rules of business economics and decision making are shifting. These changes are opening up new opportunities through transforming costs, improving customer experiences, operational efficiencies and creating whole new business models.

Business leaders implementing a digital transformation strategy are facing new technology challenges and choices. Migrating to new platforms such as cloud, supporting global connectivity including mobile platforms, and securely managing and making sense of the ever-increasing amount of data, all need focus.

At BT, we see digital transformation as empowering people – customers, businesses and employees – to do amazing things. We call this the Digital Possible.

We are supporting our customers in three core areas:

  • Digital customers: driving deeper and richer interactions with their end customers. Enabled by BT Contact global cloud-based contact solutions, that are integrated across multiple touchpoints for a consistent end-customer experience.
  • Digital businesses: increasing business agility and innovation through the move to cloud. Enabled by first class BT Connect networks and the best connected BT Compute data centres, to give you choice, control, and flexibility.
  • Digital employees: creating a productive and efficient business environment by facilitating seamless employee collaboration across technologies. Enabled by our BT One collaboration solutions that are secure and accessible, to increase productivity and speed of business.

Digital transformation – a priority for everyone.

Our customers trust us to deliver network and IT infrastructure services in a high performance, integrated, and secure way. Our portfolio strategy, the Cloud of Clouds, creates powerful new possibilities by combining our capabilities and expertise with those of our market-leading partners, globally into one cloud ecosystem. This is what truly brings digital initiatives to life for our customers.

Security where it matters most.

We see security as a journey; it’s integrated into everything we do. Our security experts help customers take a proactive and risk based approach by:

  • understanding their assets and the risks associated with them
  • implementing the right technologies and processes
  • translating security data into actionable intelligence.

Take the next step with our professional services team.

Our 2,000 consultants are ready to support you on your digital journey. Using workshops to understand what digital means to your business, developing proof of concepts and implementing your strategy, we help you identify and meet your specific digital goals.

Get in touch to find out how to get started.


Making the Digital Possible.

Working with BT’s next generation technologies has enabled companies like Dixons Carphone, Etihad, Kinross Gold, Fiona Stanley hospital, Almirall and Williams Racing to realise their digital possible.

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What’s your digital possible?

We know the world is changing and it’s changing fast. Every day, the world’s discovering more – and more amazing – things to do with the technology we’ve created. We call this the digital possible – the amazing potential of digital to change not just businesses, but also communities, nations and the wider world. What’s your digital possible?

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