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BT Advise One UC Readiness Assessment

The benefits

Making business communications work better for everyone

Unified communication (UC) solutions bring teams together, allowing them to collaborate, be more productive and minimising travel costs. But they can also put major demands on your IT and networking infrastructure. Without professional services readiness assessment you may find that your network isn't up to the job, you could spend a lot of money on UC but still have bad application performance. That wouldn't be good for your user experience or your ROI.

We can help. 

With our specialist knowledge and tools, we look at your UC infrastructure in detail, including video, voice and collaboration tools from all your vendors. Then we assess how ready your underlying infrastructure is for UC – focusing on your IT, security infrastructure, wi-fi, LAN and WAN.

That means we can find out what’s making your UC perform poorly and spot any risks. Then we’ll help you get everything working together.

With improved UC performance your staff get a better experience. We’ll help you get everyone in your organisation on board, so your stakeholders will really see the benefits.

What it costs

What it costs

Our end-to-end services (like BT IP Connect, BT Ethernet Connect, BT Connect Accelerate and BT Connect Application Optimisation) can help you build a business case – and get the most from your network environment.

If you’d like to find out more about giving your customers a better UC experience (and building a stronger business case for UC investments), contact your BT account manager.

More reasons to buy

Why BT Advise for UC optimisation?

We’ve provided performance optimisation services to clients all over the world for more than 15 years. We’re one of the world’s leading providers of communications services because we’re:

  • vendor independent – which helps you make the most of what you already own
  • forward thinking – we keep track of the infrastructure planning, monitoring and support services you’ll need, now and in the future
  • cost effective – all our professional services have a pay-as-you-go model.

Technical specs

How does the UC Readiness Assessment work?

We look into your UC environment and show you how to optimise its performance – giving your end users a better experience. Our analysis is spread across three key areas:

Application performance management
We look at the performance of your current voice, video and data estate. We assess the potential impact of adding new UC applications onto other business-critical applications. This phase includes:

  • spotting any application issues and threshold violations
  • assessing your application architecture (please note: this isn’t a full application audit)
  • performance monitoring and testing analysis
  • one full week of application monitoring.

Network performance management
We evaluate the UC readiness of your physical and wireless network infrastructure (for example, its latency, jitter, packet loss and network use). This phase includes:

  • finding out about your application use, load projections and any performance risks to your network
  • testing your network infrastructure’s performance and capacity – for UC and real-time communications performance compliance.

Analysis of service-level compliance
We monitor your performance to make sure it complies with your service levels. This phase includes:

  • finding new ways to improve application and service delivery
  • SLA monitoring, verification and investigation
  • reporting on end-user service levels.


If you’d like to find out more about giving your customers a better UC experience (and building a stronger business case for UC investments), contact your BT account manager.