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Visa Europe:

Visa Europe choisit BT pour l’aider à traiter 2 millions d’euros de paiements par minute


Visa Europe is a payments technology business owned and operated by member banks and other payment service providers from 37 countries across Europe. It works at the forefront of technology to create the services and infrastructure which enable millions of European consumers, businesses and governments to make electronic payments.

BT and Visa Europe have built up a strong relationship over the past 12 years to develop a range of managed solutions that support Visa Europe’s ever-expanding user base. BT’s network is a cornerstone of the payment giant’s debit and credit card platform, which handled more than 14.3 billion transactions totaling €1 trillion in the year up until June 2012.


BT has completed a major upgrade of Visa Europe’s communications network, helping it process around two million euros of payments every minute. Based on BT Connect – its innovative portfolio of networking solutions – the enhanced infrastructure will also support Visa Europe’s corporate connectivity needs. This will connect Visa Europe’s corporate offices and provide remote working, mobile, messaging and video conferencing tools, helping staff collaborate more effectively.

On top of the BT Connect network, BT will be providing Visa Europe with a range of corporate, consumer and Visa member services over the duration of the five-year contract including:

  • IP telephony and unified communications tools from the BT One portfolio, which provides a range of audio, video and web conferencing and offers benefits including cost savings, improved communications and corporate productivity
  • Managed mobile support and remote access to Visa Europe’s corporate network (via broadband and 3G) enabling flexible working for employees
  • Innovation scouting services whereby Visa Europe will benefit from BT’s research investments into the future of payments. This includes an Innovation Exchange programme where BT and Visa share opinions and education, research and development, and market direction
  • Managed messaging service for customers of Visa Europe, providing alerts and notifications of transactions


Managed by BT, the newly enhanced network provides connectivity for Visa Europe’s card authorisation, clearing and settlement services. In addition, it links more than 350 member sites in 37 different countries across Europe.

Luis Alvarez, chief executive of BT Global Services, says: “Visa is dealing with millions of people’s payment transactions every single day, so its reputation for service, security and innovation is absolutely crucial. Visa Europe’s continued trust in BT and the strengthening of our long term strategic relationship make us very proud.

“BT has unrivalled experience and expertise as a global communications provider, particularly in the financial services industry – so we’re in a perfect position to deliver innovative solutions that allow Visa Europe to introduce new, easier, and more secure payment options for its members and customers.”

The technology supports services across 37 European markets where more than one in every three pounds of UK consumer spending and more than one in every seven euros of European consumer spending is with a Visa card. Almost 80 per cent of that is on Visa debit cards. In Europe there are over 470 million Visa debit, credit, pre-paid and commercial cards.

Steve Chambers, chief information officer, Visa Europe, says: “Trust is very important to Visa Europe and to our customers. We work with providers that we can depend on to make sure our payments remain faster, smarter, convenient and secure. We choose to work with BT because we trust them to deliver on their promises. Their expansive global network supports our international connectivity needs and their focus on innovative technology and services aligns with our strategy.”