Case study

China Development Bank:

Trading operation gets leading edge voice communications


Established in 1994 in accordance with approval from the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, China Development Bank is committed to its mission of strengthening national competitiveness and improving living standards consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

Working with all stakeholders to achieve its goal in promoting China’s economic and social development it focuses on six major areas: serving the national strategies, providing financing opportunities to all, building social harmony, strengthening accountability in governance, fulfilling global responsibilities and tackling climate change.

China Development Bank recently expanded its trading operation following relocation to a new headquarters in Beijing. As part of this move, the bank wanted to upgrade its trading floor with a leading edge voice communications system.


After looking at a number of providers, the bank decided that BT was best placed to provide a flexible and cost effective solution that would allow for trading growth, manage risk and comply with increased regulation more effectively.

As a result, the entire China Development Bank trading floor has recently been equipped with new BT Unified Trading Netrix turrets at more than 110 positions. BT has been providing trading floor communications systems to the bank since 2007 and the latest deal builds on that relationship.


The award-winning BT Netrix is a state-of-the-art trading turret designed for the rigorous demands of the trading floor. It is used by one in three traders worldwide, meaning that greater than 68,000 traders in over 800 trading firms across over 60 countries entrust their mission critical communications to BT.

BT delivers communications-based services that address the needs of organisations across the wholesale, corporate and retail banking, financial markets and payments sectors to increase their operational efficiency and agility and help improve customer service. Users include the world’s largest banks, brokers, insurance companies, mutual societies, investment managers and exchanges in over 170 countries.

Core Services

  • BT Unified Trading Netrix