Genome Institute of Singapore: Superfast gene sequencing speeds biomedical innovation

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BT Cloud Compute powers genetic analysis acceleration to spark healthcare revolution

Number-crunching by the terabyte

The power of computing is opening a whole new world for the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS). Its inspirational vision ranges from individualised cancer treatments to beating fatal infections. And applied genomics is the key to this radical approach.

Using the latest gene-sequencing techniques, it involves number-crunching by the terabyte for multiple shared research pipelines. But the vast volumes of information produced were outstripping computing resources.

Niranjan Nagarajan and his colleagues realised a BT Cloud Compute solution would help process data hundreds of times faster. Now they’re set to hasten new analytical tools into the hands of medical researchers and clinicians worldwide.

Genome Institute of SingaporeThe real challenge for GIS is no longer the analysis itself, but the vast amount of data produced during analysis that needs to be managed and stored. And this is where the cloud computing resources that BT provides really help us advance the science.”
- Niranjan Nagarajan, Associate Director, Computational and Systems Biology Genome Institute of Singapore


Fast facts

  • 3.2 billion DNA base-pairs in the human genome
  • Massive amounts of gene sequencing data are being generated
  • BT Life Sciences team created a BT Cloud Compute architecture
  • Huge acceleration in processing times matched by rapid analytical tools development

Stay ahead in a dynamic environment

Computing in the cloud offers near-limitless scalability with the agility to reconfigure and reallocate resources in minutes. In the dynamic GIS environment that virtual freedom is key to keeping its leading role in genetic science.

Let the force be with you

Having information technology specialists readily at hand to help create the right cloud computing architecture assures success and speeds time to benefit. That’s why GIS chose to work with a force of acknowledged experts

Use market-leading sector experience

Outside pharma and healthcare, very few companies maintain a life sciences centre of excellence. But BT does. Working alongside the BT cloud computing experts, members of that team brought their precise industry knowledge to bear on the GIS solution

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