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BT Assured Services

The benefits

Service management focusing on your needs

Get the all-in, reliable service management you need for your  IT and communications infrastructure. We aim for the best customer service by focusing consistently and accurately on your needs. We’ll be there for you when you need us and for the long haul, no matter how big your business gets and no matter where in the world you go.

Get the best in the business
Our experienced service professionals are always on hand when you need them - quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cut complexity and costs
Using one provider makes it easier to manage complex systems, cutting down on admin and management costs.

Help for now, and the future
Our experience and reach will help you take advantage of new technologies when the time is right for you. You can make the most of existing technologies while taking advantage of the latest innovations. And we’ll evolve our service to meet your needs as your business grows.

What you get

One provider, one high level of service

With a single provider, managing your communications and IT will get simpler. And because we can handle whatever technology you might need, you’ll get the same level of service all the way.

With our Assured Services you’ll get:

• a named order manager responsible for all parts of service transition including managing suppliers and making sure we meet our commitments
• access to a round-the-clock service desk to handle every part of your service operations whenever and wherever you need it
• Service Level Management covering our whole portfolio to make sure service matches the specification we’ve agreed
• comprehensive reporting including product performance reports
• invoicing in paper or pdf format, billable in £, $, € or local currencies
• access to our secure online customer portal, which gives you a wealth of real-time information to help you control network support operations and improve communications.

More reasons to buy

Our experience is your reassurance

Over 20 years’ experience helping customers around the world means that many of the world’s top businesses trust us to manage their global systems.

We’re dedicated to making great service even better – we regularly survey 32,000 customers around the world to help us do just that.