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The reality

Keep connected. Stay ahead.

Like most people, you probably spend almost half your working week away from your desk1. You might be at a conference, meeting a client, or travelling. You’re working just as hard as everyone in the office, or at least you’re trying to.

When you’re on the move, it’s really important that you can keep in touch with your colleagues and customers. And that they can keep in touch with you. No one likes missing a client’s call.

That’s why we’ve brought fixed and mobile communications together. With a converged fixed and mobile solution you’ll always be in touch. It’s a bit like being at your desk while on the go, with the best possible connection.

The problem

Only 32% of organisations say their fixed and mobile voice services work well together. 2

Calls are missed

All too often calls are missed – they ring on the landline when you’re on the mobile, or ring on the mobile when you’re in a meeting. That can lead to frustrated customers and (considering a lost customer call can lose you £1,230 on average3) lost revenue.

You could pay more if you keep your fixed and mobile networks separate

If you don’t have one provider for your landline and mobile coverage, you have to manage two suppliers and two sets of bills. That’s double the time. And if you’re like everyone else, you probably make lots of calls on your mobile, even when the landline is sat next to you. It’s a lot easier – you’ve got everyone’s number in there. But it can be more expensive.

Connecting people on the move isn’t easy

When you’re out and about you still need to be able to do your job properly. But with poor mobile coverage, or slow speeds you’ll have trouble making and receiving calls, emailing, sharing files and editing documents on your mobile. You could be up to 20%4 less productive than your office-based colleagues.

You have to keep business data and client information secure

Many of us have lost a mobile, or had one stolen. So if you access important business information on the move, you need to be sure it’s really safe. If it’s not, you could damage your business reputation. And losing information is expensive. A single significant mobile security breach could cost more than £30,0005 to identify and fix. You could also be fined up to £500,0006.

How we can help

Keeping you connected.

Work faster, anywhere

You’ve probably heard that we’ve joined forces with EE. This means that if you get a fixed and mobile service from us, you’ll be using the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G mobile network,7 and have access to more than five million BT Wi-fi hotspots. So you’ll be able to work faster.

Make and take calls wherever you are

  • You can choose whether your calls go to an office number, a mobile or both. And if you don’t answer, you can make sure your calls are always forwarded to someone else.
  • If you pick up the landline at your desk, you can transfer the call to your mobile if you need to get moving.
  • We’ll give you one voicemail for both the office and your mobile. Simple.

Save money – and time

  • You’ll only have one bill to think about. And with One Voice expenses – it’s like a portal – you’ll be able to see all your costs, so you can reduce them. You could save up to 30%.
  • If you’re a One Cloud Cisco user, calls between mobile and fixed users in your company are included. This even applies to calls made from a company mobile in the UK to a fixed user abroad and vice versa. So you’ll save on that too.

Keep your data safe

  • If you’re having one of those days, and leave your mobile on the train, one of your colleagues will be able to lock it remotely and wipe all the work data. And you can keep things private by separating work and personal data on devices.

Manage all your apps centrally

  • You’ll be able to do lots of handy things with apps, like pushing updates over the air so that everyone’s got the same version. You can customise them too, and set up your own corporate store.

Key portfolio

Keeping you connected securely, for less

Work anywhere. Faster.

  • One Cloud mobile – Brings fixed lines, mobile phones and office phone systems together into one service. You’ll be more available and never miss important calls.
  • BT One Mobile UK – The UK’s biggest 3G and 4G network, with more than five million Wi-fi hotspots, helps you stay connected, wherever you are.
  • One Cloud Cisco – Lets you access voice services like calls, instant messaging and video conferencing at your desk. It’s also available on mobile devices with an app.

Work anywhere. Securely.

Work anywhere. For less.

Why BT

Our experience, portfolio and innovation

We’ve got the UK’s biggest mobile network with more than 98% population coverage for 3G and more than 95% coverage for 4G. So if you get both your fixed and mobile networks from us, you’ll be able to work faster, securely and save money.

One supplier means less complexity and lower costs. We’ve helped organisations introduce new technology and integrate with existing systems, acting as advisers over the long term.

We make sure everything happens at a pace that suits you, and manage things every step of the way. And we won’t be going anywhere once you’re all set up.

Partnering with us also means access to new technology. We’ve invested £5bn in research and development over the last five years alone, and hold over 5,000 patents worldwide.


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