World Economic Forum on Europe, MENA and Eurasia

World Economic Forum on Europe, MENA and Eurasia

Istanbul, Turkey
28 - 30 September 2014

BT will participate at the summit which will address the region’s increasing interconnected-ness, and the host of new opportunities and imperatives this creates.

World Economic Forum on Europe, MENA and Eurasia


Theme: Shaping New Pathways to Development and Growth

Istanbul sits at the intersection of globally important regions and cultures, and within one of the world’s most dynamic economies, Turkey.

Building on a cross-regional platform introduced in Istanbul in 2012, the 2014 meeting will bring together over 1,000 of the foremost leaders from across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. These regions share common challenges while remaining emphatically diverse. At the same time, they are increasingly interconnected, which creates a host of new opportunities and imperatives.

Across these regions, business, government and civil society leaders are looking for ways to strengthen institutions, boost employment and create inclusive growth by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. These shared efforts are critical for Europe’s drive to close its competitiveness divide, North Africa’s complex transitions and reforms in Central Asia.
For more information visit the World Economic Forum Special Meeting in Turkey website.