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Helping you to adapt to the ever-changing threat to national interest

With each day the world, and the threats to national interests, change.  Our armed forces need to adapt to these continuous challenges and at the same time improve their efficiency and effectiveness. BT has a long heritage of working with the Ministry of Defence, UK armed forces and NATO allies, including delivery of the Defence Fixed Telecommunication Service (DFTS) since 1997. Through this depth and breadth of experience we understand the key challenges they face.

The Art of Connecting for Defence

The Art of Connecting for Defence is enabling information superiority.

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Enabling information superiority

Making the right decision relies on having the right information, available at the right time, in the right format. 
With ever-increasing sources and volume of data, having the ability to analyse and make sense of the information is more critical than ever.  See how we can help to make the right decisions to best tackle the threat > 

Future-proofing bases and meeting the needs of service personnel

The operational efficiency of a military base relies heavily on its infrastructure, connectivity, building management and, of course, security. See how we can help to make bases capable of meeting operational and welfare needs >

Skills and expertise to achieve operational advantage

With the changing nature and means of the armed forces, you need to ensure that the right skills are available at the right time for the right situation. See how we can help to keep the skills and expertise of your teams up to date, wherever they are and whatever their day job >

Protecting and defending against the cyber threat

Cyber threats come in many different guises and can appear from external and internal sources. The changing nature of war means these threats can come from anywhere at anytime. See how we can help you to protect your critical infrastructure and keep your operations safe >

Innovating for the future – gaining operational advantage together

As the challenges our forces face increase day by day, with new theatres of operation, new emerging threats and new capabilities, constant innovation is required. See how we can help you to gain new insights and innovations to address your challenges >