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BT & Cisco Partnership

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Design the future with confidence

  • Our 25 year partnership brings a history of innovation, and experience of delivering network and IT solutions in 170 countries. During this time we have seen vast changes in the market, and customers have relied on us to deliver a service and set of solutions to support their needs quickly and efficiently.
  • Together we have the scale, reach, financial stability and deep history of innovating together.  All this underpinned with our trusted networks and security.  Working with BT and Cisco, you can trust us to help you design the future as it becomes a reality.

Key Propositions

In recent years, we’ve accelerated our partnership to introduce new technologies to our customers globally. Together we are leaders in the transition to virtual networks and cloud services, delivering the promise of innovation to meet customers’ needs for speed and efficiency. We deliver end to end solutions covering networking, collaboration, CRM, cloud computing and security; including:

  • One Cloud Cisco (HCS)
  • Cloud Contact Cisco
  • WLAN with Meraki
  • Cloud Compute (including Intercloud)

Why BT & Cisco?

BT and Cisco represent one of the strongest partnerships in the industry.  With BT’s customer focus and heritage in world class global networks, combined with Cisco’s success as the leading IT company globally, our partnership has been designing and delivering excellent results for customers for 25 years. 
Our history together has delivered for FTSE and Fortune 100 customers globally. The combination of our joint vision of a better future for our customers, underpinned with our continuous innovation, means that customers today value this partnership even more than ever. 
And our future has never been more exciting.  BT and Cisco’s innovation is accelerating as the Internet of Everything becomes a reality.  Our solutions at the same time are part of the cloud of clouds - that are transforming how organisations can do business and consume IT.  These are truly exciting times for Networked IT, and the BT and Cisco partnership embodies its possibilities.

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