Cloud Connect - BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute for Office 365

Cloud Connect

BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute for Office 365


Get great, secure performance from a private connection

BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute for Office 365 lets you connect your WAN (BT IP Connect – MPLS IP VPN) to Office 365. That opens up great applications your people can use anywhere to work together and stay productive. It also gives you top-notch performance and peace of mind. Because you’re connecting straight to Microsoft’s cloud. And you’re doing it through our global network. Not over the internet

BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute for Office 365 means:

  • Fast, reliable performance. You’ll have a private connection between your WAN and Microsoft’s cloud.
  • Security. You won’t be sharing an internet connection with anyone else. And Check Point security is guarding the gateways to Microsoft’s cloud.
  • Simplicity. You’ll be spending your time on the business, not managing internet breakouts, DNS changes, routing and firewalls. And you’ll be able to get MS Azure over the same private connection.
  • Control. You’ll have all the performance and availability information at your fingertips.
  • Choice. You can have exactly the combination of public and private cloud and your own data centres you want.

Our service us much more than connectivity. It’s focused on your specific needs. It maximises the performance of your Office 365 application.

The benefits

With BT Connect ExpressRoute for Office 365 you can…

  • Get rapid, reliable performance - your Office 365 applications won’t miss a beat and your people will get a great experience. A private connection, which we manage all the way, cuts down latency and lag.
  • Stay secure – connect direct from your own private MPLS network, steering clear of the internet and all the security implications that entails. You’ll have Check Point security at all the gateways to Microsoft’s cloud too. And you’ll have control over where your data goes, and doesn’t go, on its way from A to B.
  • Sidestep complexity – forget the headache of managing the connection hour by hour. We’ll handle that. But you’ll still have all the information you need on performance and availability.
  • Stay fast on your feet – we’ll get the service connected to your MPLS IP VPN in days. No long drawn-out deployment to hold you back.
  • Keep a lid on costs – a port connecting you to Office 365 through BT Cloud Connect ExpressRoute will work out cheaper and more predictable than buying, configuring and supporting multiple break outs over the internet. Especially as you can use it to connect to both Azure and Office 365.
  • Stay flexible – add users and offices as and when you need them.
  • Go faster – we’re building acceleration into our network with Riverbed Technology. So no matter how far your people are from where applications are hosted, performance won’t suffer.
  • Get extra convenience – you can order Microsoft Cloud services alongside the BT Compute portfolio in one contract.


Available across 5 continents

Availability of Cloud Connect varies by capability and region, please contact BT for more information