BT ranked third largest Global Cloud provider

BT has been ranked the third largest provider of cloud infrastructure services in the world

Cloud computingSynergy Research Group, an industry analyst, has named Amazon as the leading infrastructure as a service provider, followed by IBM and BT third.

The rankings for the last quarter of 2012 have just been published in a report on the website.

Steve Holt, general manager for BT Compute, BT Global Services, said: “We are pleased that our cloud services being given this sort of recognition.

“We now offer the best global cloud infrastructure coverage in the world with more BT datacentres enabled for cloud services than any other provider on the planet.

“As a company, we are investing millions every year into our datacentre infrastructure.

“Nine BT datacentres based in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia now have cloud computing capability which enables them to provide software, storage, computing power and other services remotely to customers.

“It means we can offer customers who choose the BT Cloud Compute self-serve service - a regional infrastructure that can deliver services on a global scale.”