A great customer shopping experience in every channel

A great customer shopping experience in every channel

What retailer can afford to ignore eCommerce? 

These days, customers don’t shop channels, they shop brands. They expect all channels to be there, integrated and transparent – and they all have to be fun and engaging.

BT can help you keep pace with the massive rise in the popularity of multichannel shopping. With a range of products and services to choose from, we can help your business develop a multichannel strategy that will really click with your customers.

We’ll enable a great shopping experience for your customers through services and concepts including:

e-Commerce – BT leads the way

We know what your business needs to make a big splash online. And you don’t just need to take our word for it. According to a Datamonitor 2009 report – Multichannel Retail: Using Technology to Achieve Cross-Channel Consistency – we’re the market leaders.

We know that to be successful you need to offer a consistent experience across every channel and our broad portfolio of eCommerce platforms and associated retail technologies can help you achieve what you want to achieve.

So, whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to improve your existing multichannel offering, BT has all you need to seamlessly integrate your on and offline activities and successfully meet the challenge of today’s dynamic retail landscape.

We deliver everything from stunning, easy-to-use websites to the very latest POS platforms to help ensure that your customers have a fantastic shopping experience every time they visit, however they visit.

We’ve already helped leading UK wallpaper and paint retailer, Farrow and Ball, take their online channel to new heights. When Digdeep needed to launch its new streetwear clothing brand for men it turned to BT to establish its online presence.


Mobile Commerce – enabling you to flexibly respond to customer demand

Everything’s mobile these days, so why shouldn’t your shopfloor staff be more mobile too? Imagine if you could take an order, check stock, or even cross sell without being tied to a till. With BT Mobile POS you can do just that – and so much more.

We can help free your staff, free up floor space and give your customers the freedom to spend without queuing at a till. And that’s not all. The same devices that help you deliver flexible and personalised customer service can also be used to get more from your shopfloor staff.

Our Mobile POS devices can be used to deliver training, sell where you wouldn’t normally sell – at a fashion show for instance – or even get your staff up to speed with the very latest retail trends.

Or why not learn how BT is helping Aurora harness the power of the iPad to improve customer experience. 


BT Cloud Contact – helping you achieve sky-high levels of customer service

If your customers can’t get in touch with you easily, they’ll talk to someone they can. So how do you cope with peaks and troughs in customer contact, seasonal variations in demand and the need to flexibly respond to shifting consumer trends?

With BT Cloud Contact you can ensure that you have the resources to easily and rapidly respond to a dynamic contact environment, without up-front costs and adding to the complexity of your IT estate.

We provide an ‘Out of the Box’ solution that enables you to flex resources in response to demand. It will enable your contact agents to respond quickly and effectively to customers, regardless of the channel they use to contact you.

So you get the resources to provide an optimum customer experience, the peace of mind that you won’t lose valuable customers left hanging on the phone and a flexible contact solution that won’t break the bank.

BT Cloud Contact can handle calls from virtually anywhere to the destination of your choice through either fixed or mobile networks. As it’s hosted by BT, you get all the value with none of the hassle and it’s even centrally managed to make your life that little bit easier. It takes just weeks to set up and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing infrastructure with the minimum of fuss.

Leading UK retailer Sainsbury’s chose a BT Cloud Contact solution to radically improve its contact performance.

Openzone Wi-Fi and Wireless LAN – helping you make valuable customer connections

Customers increasingly want to use their smart phones, PDAs and tablet computers in store. They are going to do it any way, so  why not get in control and use it to your advantage? By offering free WiFi in your stores you can know who’s in store, welcome them, make personalised offers related to their online activity, reward their loyalty, and let them share their store experience on social media. Watch your items-per-basket, average transaction value, advocacy and loyalty rate soar. In-store Wifi will really help your brand stand out.

Store Point of Sale - delivering a consistent shopping experience

The lines between on and offline retail activities are becoming increasingly blurred. Today’s savvy shoppers now expect to be given the same customer experience whatever channel they choose to use. You can’t afford to disappoint them or they’ll take their business elsewhere.

With a BT POS system in place you can bring the benefits of the web to your actual store – and deliver the connected shopping experience your customers crave. Our capabilities will enable you to take money securely, manage stock more easily and provide added value services, such as gift vouchers and loyalty products, in an instant.

BT has an enviable track record of delivering POS solutions across the globe. With more than 300,000 global Points of Sale installed in more than 400 retailers’ premises, it’s clear that we can deliver the functionality demanded by today’s consumers.

Aurora Fashions is just one of the retailers who chose BT to bring their stores in line with today’s connected consumers.


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Empowering staff for better customer service

Our e-commerce solutions give your customers an engaging online experience with web sites that stand out are easy to use and use straight forward click and collect features and integrate seamlessly with your back office.

These include the: design, build, hosting, contact centre and online marketing for e-commerce and websites. With POS and e-commerce platforms – click and collected can be added as required.

BT Expedite’s multichannel application - voted Retail Systems “Best Multichannel Retailer Award 2010”

Find out more about BT Fresca’s Commerce and commerce express. WHERE?

Learn more about BT Expedite's e-commerce solutions


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Ensure your supply chain matches demand

Processing payments and securing your business

BT Cloud Contact

Improving customer relationships and experience is key for successful retailer. Multimedia contact centres increase customer loyalty and levels of spend.

BT’s Cloud Contact gives you  “Out of the Box hosted contact centre solution which help your contact centre agents respond quickly and effectively to customers using multiple contact channels.

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