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Norton Rose Group: Scalable cloud-based service for on-demand business

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Norton Rose launches a new online risk management tool with BT On Demand Compute at its heart

Online tools from Norton Rose give clients easy access to vital services. Risk Manager, the latest of those, required starting small with the means to grow quickly and affordably. James Davies chose cloud-based BT On Demand Compute to achieve exactly that.

Now, James has his very own virtual data centre in which to host Risk Manager. The application can be managed, changed, and expanded in just a few clicks, making the business more agile and James’s job easier. Nothing’s left to chance as security’s all included too.

Security is built in not only at the application level, but also through the physical security of the BT hosting environment and the integrity of the BT network. Our clients view that as a most important box to tick.”
- James Davies, Application Development Manager, Norton Rose LLP


A leading international legal practice, Norton Rose Group offers full business law services across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. It’s developed a range of online services to enhance client service by providing fast access to legal and market know-how.

Risk Manager is the latest such innovation, offering templates that rank the seriousness of a risk against the probability of it occurring. Taking account of their overall risk appetite, clients can judge – from both a transactional and regulatory perspective – their greatest exposures. Norton Rose lawyers then recommend how those risks would be best addressed.

James Davies, Application Development Manager at Norton Rose LLP, explains: “We considered hosting the application ourselves, but decided that the most cost effective and scalable approach would be to work with a third party specialist.” An RFP was issued and BT was chosen from a shortlist of three.


The BT solution features the On Demand Compute service, which enables customers to create, monitor, and manage their own virtual data centre infrastructure. To ensure that interactions could be accurately monitored and measured, Norton Rose decided to treat its online Risk Manager environment as a separate business. The BT On Demand Compute service supports that approach, while management efficiency is maximised with automated service delivery processes enabled via a self-service portal.

“BT On Demand Compute offered us a number of advantages,” says James Davies. “It’s very flexible and, with minimal set-up time, we could get to market much more quickly. No significant up-front capital expenditure was necessary, and the charging regime is transparent.”

BT also provides a wide range of other services to Norton Rose. Not least is a BT IP Connect wide area network that links the practice’s 30 offices in 22 countries worldwide. Hosting services for the company’s secondary data centre are assured through a BT Locate Solutions contract while, in addition, BT maintains the Norton Rose Cisco-based IP telephony infrastructure in the UK.


BT On Demand Compute eliminates the need for Norton Rose to buy and maintain hardware or to furnish a physical data centre. It has also allowed the firm to keep the online Risk Manager environment entirely separate from its corporate infrastructure: an important security benefit for both Norton Rose and its clients.

Other advantages are much faster time-to-market and lower start-up costs. In fact, BT estimates that On Demand Compute can offer total cost of ownership savings of up to 40 per cent compared to traditional approaches. By moving applications, storage, and security into the cloud it also offers a more sustainable, lower carbon business model.

“With On Demand Compute we have a very agile business model that we can scale up or down to meet our business needs in hours or days rather than months,” says James Davies. “Security is built in not only at the application level, but also through the physical security of the BT hosting environment and the integrity of the BT network. Our clients view that as a most important box to tick.”

Still in its early days, Norton Rose is very pleased with the reliability of the On Demand Compute service. As expected, Risk Manager has enjoyed 100 per cent uptime since its launch. James Davies sums up: “BT On Demand Compute offered us a very cost effective solution. It really matched our ambition to start small, grow, and scale in concert with our success in using Risk Manager to advise our clients.”

Core services

  • BT On Demand Compute
  • BT IP Connect
  • BT Locate Solutions data centre telehousing
  • BT maintenance and support of Cisco-based IP telephony infrastructure


Case study