Providing cost-effective and efficient global communications that streamline processes and address the challenges of legacy systems throughout the industry.

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The insurance market has never been so competitive. In property and casualty, the rise of comparison sites has continued to commoditise the product set while life and pensions customer expectations remain high – despite a period of difficult market conditions.

In this competitive climate we give our insurance industry clients a decided advantage through improved communications and more efficient customer interaction.

As the industry becomes increasingly global, insurance providers continue to look for efficiency improvements to streamline processes and to overcome the challenges caused by the large number of legacy systems that still exist in the industry.

We’ve delivered cost-effective and efficient global communications networks for some of the largest players in the insurance industry. 

Standard Life working with BT


This video features Paul Chong, Group IT Director at Standard Life, and other members of his team. They describe their choice of an outsourcing solution featuring BT IP Connect and BT Cloud Contact linking sites in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the US, and Asia Pacific.



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