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What we deliver

We serve all 433 Local Authorities in the UK providing services to you all, but we would like to do a lot more with you.

More to help you Connect Communities for a better future today and we want you our customer to save money, improving the citizen experience and regenerating and growing your local economy through innovation.

More to help you boost the effectiveness of your people, those delivering the front line services that touch all of our lives. A growing and aging population means more people out with clients,  but needing to be in touch with their office base.

More to allow you to cope with the cost pressures that are bearing down on you. Like helping you to share services, like payroll, HR and Finance to keep your back office costs in check.

We will use technology to reduce the cost of providing citizen services. For example cutting the cost of citizen contact by up to 90% by replacing a call advisor at £4 per call with a web interaction via ‘Auto-contact’ costing 32pence.

And we will offer you innovative cloud solutions so that you can pay only per user for what you
use, when you need it, saving up to 30% on communication costs in the process, so you free budget to spend on frontline services.

Contact us so that we can help you make a positive difference in Local Government.

By using our combined expertise and technology, we will cut red tape, simplify processes used for carrying out many day-to-day tasks, and provide services far more quickly and efficiently. We will also use our strategic expertise to drive further savings in the future.” 
- County Councillor Geoff Driver, Leader of Lancashire County Council


Further information

BT Digital Britain >

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Getting everyone on line

Encouraging economic development >

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Doing what we can by enhancing our networks and services

Improving health care >

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Helping our customers transform patient care and deal with the challenges.

Innovation and Skills >

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New ways of working and other innovations that could make a real difference.

Making Britain Greener >

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We are working to reduce our CO2 emissions and we’re helping others do the same.

The Big Society >

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We have the expertise and experience to tackle.

The Public Services Network >

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Reshaping the way that public services are delivered.