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Helping Local Authorities to deliver improved services at a reduced cost

Local Government organisations provide a wide range of essential services to the public across the UK. But they are under increasing pressure to significantly reduce costs whilst simultaneously improving service. That's against a background of a growing, ageing and more demanding population.

At BT we work with more than 400 Local Authorities across the country. Through this depth and breadth of experience we understand the key challenges Local Government faces.

Art of Connecting for Government and Health - Customer Stories

It’s not about the technology it’s what that technology enables. We work with our customers to deliver outcomes that matter to your organisation, your employees and the public.

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Delivering better service whilst reducing cost

The financial challenge is unprecedented, the savings demanded require transformative change against a backdrop of significant savings already delivered.  See how we can help you deliver savings whilst improving delivery of your services >

Enabling your people,wherever they need to be

By giving your Adult and Social Care, Children's Services or Environmental and Housing teams the right tools, with access to the right data, where and when they need it most, you can increase their productivity and your service levels at the same time. See how we can help you to enable your people wherever they need to be >

Interacting with the public across multiple channels

Making effective use of alternative channels can enable you to meet the demands and requirements of citizens, but also substantially reduce the costs and resource requirements of engaging the citizen. See how we can help you to make the most of interacting with the public across multiple channels >

Improving lives through joined-up health & social care

As the population grows, ages and lives with more chronic conditions, the need to integrate the health and social systems intensifies. Access to a 360 degree view of clients' information can reduce risks and deliver more effective care. See how we can help you to connect professionals across your local health and social care economy >

Improving outcomes for the most vulnerable

Troubled families, looked-after children and vulnerable adults need help and significant mullti-organisation cooperation and coordination. Ensuring that all relevant agencies have secure access to the latest information, available whenever and wherever they are, can help to avoid unnecessary escalation of issues. See how we can help you to improve case management within and across multiple organisations >