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Changing the shape of the Nation

The Public Sector is building towards a better-connected future for the nation. With the continuing development of the Public Services Network (PSN), possibilities are opening up for public services to reshape, work collaboratively and share innovative services, whilst also meeting the immediate need to cut costs and boost efficiencies.

In the short term, you can connect and collaborate with organisations beyond your locality. You can install networks and systems that run intuitively and update automatically. You can access data instantly and anywhere. You can plug in to the people you serve to enable better understanding of their lives and quicker responses to their needs. And of course you can cut the time and money so often spent on talking or travelling.

In the longer term, the possibilities are endless. Police forces instantly sharing information to help prevent further crime rather than having to solve it. Health trusts monitoring patients remotely 24/7 to diagnose conditions before any complications set in. Fully mobile councils, securely connected, but out on the ground where they’re needed most.

Whether you want to connect to PSN now or in the future, all this is possible over time and, more crucially, within budget. BT can find ways to make effective and cost-saving changes today that will lay the foundations for a better connected tomorrow.

Whilst ways of working need to shift fundamentally and the task of delivering cost-savings and increased efficiencies today at the same time as implementing innovative solutions for tomorrow may seem challenging – BT can shape solutions that transform your operational processes and help you achieve it. Whatever you need, we work out the best options for you and implement them quickly, delivering immediate benefits both to your organisation and ultimately the people you serve.

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BT Delivery PSN


Spotlight on Defence and Security

BT and the Public Services Network


Watch an overview of how BT is working with the PSN to help deliver compliant and flexible solutions.

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Reconsider the future with BT and the PSN

We all know the changes that Government expects from public service delivery organisations – less spending and more efficiency through collaboration and innovation.

The PSN will create a more open and competitive marketplace for interoperable ICT services, available through frameworks and accessible across the public sector. It is in effect a secure Internet for the public sector, joining up organisations like the MoD and the NHS, government departments such as the DWP and MoJ, local authorities, the police, and all agencies that deliver public services, whether national, regional, or local. But while PSN removes the technical and commercial blocks to shared infrastructure, organisations still need to work out how to get the most out of this secure network of networks and provide a service fit for the future.

We recognise that connecting to PSN is just the first step.  We understand that no two public sector bodies are exactly the same.  So we can work with you to develop and fine-tune a PSN strategy that meets your most specific needs. For us, compliance is only the beginning. It’s what you make of the PSN that makes the difference. We offer you unparalleled experience, depth of portfolio, security expertise and geographic reach – everything you need to simplify, share and save.

BT and the Public Services Network
See how you can benefit from PSN. Learn how BT is working with customers such as the NHS, MOD and DWP to ensure they get the most out of this secure network of networks and that they in turn, can help to benefit the nation at large. 

Change today, transform tomorrow

BT is focused on helping public services develop further and faster. To collaborate more effectively and save more together, ultimately building and shaping a better future for every citizen. It’s why we’ve been involved in the creation and development of the Public Services Network every step of the way – one of only three suppliers to do so.

We’ve worked with the public sector for decades – we’ve been part of it ourselves – so we know how it works and exactly what’s required to get the job done. And with our innovation, unrivalled connectivity and one of the widest ranges of business-standard network solutions and services available, we make sure you get exactly what you need – from making the most of shared services, to new ways of working, to made-to-measure packages that fit your budget. Then together we can make services better and reduce costs for today, while at the same time redrawing the lines of collaboration and reinventing networks for tomorrow.

In short, with our national experience, public service expertise and unrivalled innovation, BT is uniquely placed to deliver for both your immediate needs and the nation’s better future.

Shared services in the PSN eraShared Services in the PSN era

Find out how PSN will bring new opportunities for nationwide connectivity and the sharing of services. Download our independently commissioned Kable whitepaper below.

Contact your BT Account Manager to find out how BT can help you re-shape your public services.

Learn how we have helped our customers

We have delivered efficiency and transformation across the public sector, such as DFTS for defence, N3 for health and solutions in central and local government.

In September 2012 we signed a deal with Surrey County Council to establish the UNICORN network, which will then expand to include libraries and schools, with the potential for other organisations, such as more emergency services and voluntary groups, to join. The deal represents an annual saving of up to £750,000 on the county council’s previous contract – adding up to £5.25m over the lifespan of the seven-year deal. Surrey’s Cabinet Member for Change and Efficiency, Denise Le Gal, said: “Our aim is to provide the highest quality services at the very best value for money and developing a cloud platform as part of a single public services network is the latest example of our willingness to embrace new ideas. We firmly believe public services should be seen as a single team co-operating to make taxpayers’ money go further wherever possible and this deal with BT will save the county council alone up to £5.25m.”

Recently, we strengthened our relationship with Northumberland County Council, agreeing on a deal to deliver PSN cost savings and faster internet speeds in schools, libraries and fire stations across the county. Through the advanced network access, BT is enabling the council to deliver better services and improved access for citizens in areas previously beyond reach of the NorthNet network. David McDonnell, networks and data manager at Northumberland County Council, said: “Northumberland County Council has been working with BT to ensure our rural locations in the county have access to fast internet speeds, Wooler library has just gone live with more areas to follow.”

We also worked with Norfolk County Council, helping them to become amongst the first councils to achieve the PSN Code of Connection (CoCo) certification. Working with BT, Norfolk is now exploring opportunities with Health, Fire, Police and District Councils to save money by removing duplicated network connections and improving collaborative working. Kurt Frary, ICT architecture manager at Norfolk County Council, said: “This is a fantastic milestone for Norfolk which underpins the Norfolk ICT Strategy, and we’re very proud to be setting the pace in the move to PSN”.

Are you service fit for the future?

With PSN certified services available today, we are already delivering PSN to tens of thousands of end users at hundreds of sites across the UK. Our portfolio spans network services to next-generation voice to video conferencing, shared contact centres to virtual data centres, and a host of innovative cloud services.

However, the savings don’t come from the network services and IT technology – they come from how these are used, how organisations realise that the ability to change and rethink how they work at all levels is now a reality, not hampered by isolationist IT.  With our innovation, unrivalled connectivity and one of the widest ranges of business-standard network solutions and services available, we can help public service organisations develop their networks further and faster, collaborate more effectively and save more together, ultimately shaping and building a better future for everyone.

Maximise the benefits of PSN with BT

How can we help you review, redefine or restructure how you work?

By reinventing networks

BT ConnectBT Connect for Public Services, our PSN certified intelligent network solutions are built to adapt intuitively to your business objectives, processes and organisational needs, simple to control and easy to update, helping to deliver services more smoothly to the people that matter.

By redefining collaboration

BT OneWith BT One Cloud, our customised unified communications solutions change the way you collaborate, through cost-cutting, pay-as-you-go options picked by you and managed, maintained and updated by us – all for the benefit of the nation at large.

By reconnecting the people, reducing cost and rethinking risk
We are on eight lots of the PSN Connectivity Framework giving you access to an extensive portfolio of products and solutions. Whatever your unique challenge; from connectivity compliance, security, or service flexibility, to ensuring the efficiency of your contact centres, we can work with you to help your services develop further, faster and for less and ensure PSN compliance.

How PSN can benefit you

The PSN is not just about compliance. It’s about positive change, both short and long term, with quantifiable savings and benefits. It’s also about improving contact with citizens, allowing simpler and more effective communication, and enhancing the quality of service delivery.

By reducing cost and complexity, standardising networks, allowing service sharing, and extending the parameters of collaborative working, the PSN not only supports the ICT objectives set by Government, it aims to exceed them.

There are many ways the PSN can make more of limited budgets. The list below highlights specific areas in which the PSN not only saves money, but goes further, to deliver even more impressive benefits.

Simplified procurement
Direct access to the PSN Frameworks makes procurement easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Many offerings in the PSN Frameworks are already PSN-certified, with more going through the accreditation process so you can confidently choose the services to buy, and the providers to buy them from, with full assurance of compatibility and value for money.

Business transformation
The initial cost savings achieved with the PSN are only the beginning. The PSN enables innovation and major business transformation. With the PSN, all organisations involved in public service delivery can do more for less, exploiting common ICT services to work more effectively, sharing resources, accessing information, cutting overheads, improving productivity, and enhancing public service delivery.

Seamless connectivity
PSN users will be seamlessly linked through the robust “network of networks,” governed by strict standards of compliance. This provides fast, secure, and reliable access to business and network services wherever and whenever they are needed.

Streamlined operation
Through rationalisation, the PSN can streamline incompatible, inflexible, and duplicated networks, multiple procurement contracts, complex SLAs, and unsustainable maintenance overheads. Find out how we can help you reinvent your network with BT Connect

Closer collaboration
Information can be securely shared and directly accessed through the PSN, enabling genuine collaborative working between departments, agencies, and the third sector, at national, regional, and local levels.

Flexible working
By enabling secure, seamless connectivity and cross-boundary working, the PSN liberates your workforce, offering virtually unlimited work style options and mobility, totally independent of location, while consolidating public sector estates. Redefine your collaboration with BT One

Shared services
The PSN makes it possible for the public sector to share business and application services as needed, including voice, video, email, messaging, and data centres. This leads to significant cost savings, as well as greater efficiency and enhanced performance.

Technical interoperability
The PSN’s versatile network infrastructure offers interoperability across the entire public sector, enabling all users to share information and access standards-based services. This gives the public sector a substantial reduction in overall operating costs.

Service assurance
The PSN can combine the proven benefits of a multi-supplier environment with the reassurance of common levels of assurance and service management, enabling resilient performance and consistent service levels.

Enhanced security
The base PSN security standard is CAS(T), a recognised level of security assurance for Business Impact Level 2 (IL2), protecting critical communications service across the public sector. Providers can also build on this with CESG-approved solutions to provide and certify PSN services with greater levels of security (at IL3 and IL4) as needed.

More on PSN and how it works

Like the Internet, the PSN is made up of different networks which are connected together. To provide the performance, resilience, and security required by the public sector, the PSN is unified by an agreed set of standards with which all suppliers and customers must comply.

These standards, the PSN Codes and Conditions, are administered by the PSN Authority. As the PSN market and services develop, the Codes and Conditions are being refined and extended to ensure that PSN evolves and improves.

Who’s who?
There are three classes of PSN service provider:
• PSNSPs (who supply PSN services)
• DNSPs (PSNSPs who meet more stringent conditions and can connect to the GCN)
• GCNSPs (who provide the links between DNSPs)

As a customer seeking to buy from the PSN marketplace, you can select services from one or more PSN Service Providers (PSNPs/DNSPs). These are suppliers who provide certified PSN services from, for example, WAN connectivity to voice services, conferencing, security, internet access or hosting and application services. PSNSPs cannot connect or ‘peer’ directly with each other, but must communicate across the PSN via Direct Network Service Providers (DNSPs).

DNSPs are PSNSPs who, like BT and other suppliers, must meet additional, stringent obligations allowing them to connect to other DNSPs via the Government Conveyance Network (GCN).

The GCN is the hub of the PSN, acting as the gateway between the networks of different service providers. It is supplied by a small number of key providers who ‘mesh’ together their networks so that the GCN appears as a single logical network. GCN services are only bought by DNSPs, not by end customers of PSN services.

Some providers choose to offer services at both PSNSP and DNSP levels, making use of this flexibility to minimise the cost and complexity of individual services, while ensuring that connection is still made through their DNSP service and the GCN hub to other service providers and customers.

Providers of PSN services do not have to be private sector ICT companies. Public sector bodies may also share services through the PSN marketplace if they comply with the appropriate Codes and Conditions as a PSNSP or DNSP.

Through this architecture, the PSN allows information and communication to flow from one customer or service provider to another, regardless of location or supplier.



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