We’ll help you meet the many challenges of the dynamic retail sector.

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About us

With the rise of multichannel shopping, retail is a more dynamic market than ever. You face growing challenges to:

  • Meet the requirements of sophisticated customers in a multichannel environment
  • Integrate new technologies like wifi and mobile devices
  • Manage your supply chain better
  • Ensure excellent and consistent customer service
  • Process and manage payments and maintain security, train, empower and equip your staff to make the most of customer relationships.

We are helping retailers thrive in a changing world and enabling growth through applied innovation across all channels.

Our networked IT systems for retail can help you meet all of these challenges and more. We are a trusted partner of some of the UK’s leading retailers, including The Co-operative Group, WHSmith, Halfords, Mothercare, and Debenhams, and have a specialist multichannel retail solutions provider in BT Expedite, which designs solutions specifically for Retailers.

We’ll help you develop the network infrastructure to combine web, store, supply chain, systems and technology to help you get on with your job of building relationships with your customers. And we’ll do all this without disruption to your operations, with our managed services in everything from inventory management to managed payments and CCTV taking the burden from your shoulders.