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We make multi-channel banking work for you and your customers, yielding better customer service, generating loyalty, assuring data security and streamlining the back office.

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A more cautious lending and investment climate has made it more important than ever for retail banks and mutual societies to improve the customer experience, as well as ensuring robust risk management processes and systems are in place.

BT not only has a range of secure networking services to improve customer identification and mitigate risk but our industry leading network I.T. infrastructure and services helps clients streamline back office processes and enhance customer interaction, whatever the channel being used.

BT in Financial Services has a dedicated focus on meeting the complex requirements of our clients in the Financial Services Industry.  With over 30 years’ experience of providing solutions and services designed specifically to meet the needs of this industry segment, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the issues and challenges being faced. 

As well as a long standing relationship with the financial services community, we also are active participants of industry associations and regularly input into regulatory consultations. Our customers, which range from some of the largest banks in the world to smaller mutual associations, require a mix of bespoke, secure solutions and portfolio services dependent on individual circumstances.  Our established and respected relationship with the industry means we clearly understand the requirements and challenges of this marketplace and can respond with flexible, competitive services.

Our people, (we have over 2000 dedicated to the sector)  combine deep specialist experience with an up-to-date and relevant understanding of policy, strategy and technology and are focussed on providing the right approach, whether it is for a specific geography, secure requirement or urgent need.

But in these challenging economic times we are mindful of the need to be delivering value for money solutions – right first time offering a variety of procurement options to give our customers flexibility and choice.

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