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Enabling a step change in retail IT delivery

A unique combination of cutting-edge retail applications accessed via affordable superfast networks

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Light up your retail business

Offer your customers a seamless experience

Lighting up the high street is a unique combination of cutting-edge retail applications accessed via affordable superfast networks on a flexible commercial model which offers up to 30% lower IT infrastructure costs.

It will give your customers a fantastic shopping experience – on mobile, online and in store – that will set your brand apart. It will help your employees serve customers better and bring greater accuracy to your supply chain. It will help you gain a better understanding of your customers so you can win a bigger share of their spend.  So that, even in these challenging times, you can grow your business – through innovation.

Lighting up the high street allows you to offer customers a seamless experience through mobile commerce, multi-channel services, CRM, and contactless payment. It enables staff to provide better customer service using in-store mobility, or fit in training during quite times using eLearning solutions. It improves product availability and time to market through RFID and other supply chain solutions. It helps with merchandising and promotional effectiveness with access to video analytics and facial recognition. And it helps the business with store point-of-sale, hosted EPOS, managed payment and fraud reduction services.

BT provides a comprehensive range of services for the retail sector, which includes our multichannel portfolio provided by BT Expedite & BT Fresca. Our customers range from the likes of Co-op, WH Smiths, Halfords, Mothercare and Debenhams  to niche boutiques like Thomas Pink. Crabtree & Evelyn are the first to implement BT’s point-of-sale as-a-service and managed payment services designed to meet the new Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS).



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See how BT can save you money on what you do today and enable you to innovate for the future…

Lighting up the Highstreet - International >

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There's a whole wide world of potential customers out there

Lighting up the Highstreet - Multichannel >

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Provide a seamless journey across every customer touchpoint

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IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of of multichannel retail

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Bring the best of the web in-store

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Get a place for everything and put everything in its place