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Enjoy 20% more productivity from your force

Flexible working drives down more than costs.

Flexible working drives down more than costs.

In the tough current economic climate, it’s more important now than ever to make the right investments to facilitate more efficient ways of working and drive both immediate and long term cost down. BTs Work Anywhere flexible working solution does just that.

Work Anywhere lets your staff work flexibly, so they’re able to do more with customers, colleagues, suppliers and business partners. BT itself uses the flexible working solution for its employees. They’ve found that flexible workers are 20% more productive than their office based colleagues. BT’s David Dunbar explains more in this video:

Multiple business benefits from flexible working.

Reduce property costs – More flexible workers means less office space is needed. 

Reduce travel costs – More time is spent working at home/client offices and less time travelling. BT themselves found using conferencing products and services eliminated the need for 717,000 face to face meetings during 2008, resulting in a £180m cost saving.

Improved productivity and security – With Work Anywhere, BT found home workers have been shown to be 20% more productive than their office based colleagues. As well as over 98% of employees return after maternity leave compared to the UK average of 47%, absenteeism amongst home workers is 63% lower than their office based counterparts.

Enhanced business continuity and customer service – Work Anywhere enables your people to access corporate information from any location and respond to customers quickly. Employees are always accessible – whether away from their workplace, on the move or when located at a customers’ premises. And more time is freed up to spend with customers and better serve their needs.

To find out more about flexible working and start benefitting, simply call your BT Account Manager today.