BT Connect: power of networks

BT Connect: power of networks

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Intelligence from the machine

Four characteristics make an intelligent network: simplicity, sensitivity, survivability, sustainability.

In this white paper we’ve brought them to life, and explained how we can help build a network around them. Four journalists tell four real-life stories. And our experts discuss what they’re doing to make sure our customers get the most intelligent network possible.

The story
An intelligent network is more than just sending binary digits through cables. It’s the simple text to a Chinese potato farmer that helps him sell his crop. The Greek bartering website that flourished in their troubled economy. The tweets from the Arab Spring that old-media outlets fed on to survive in this digital age. Or the sustainable credit card plan in Rio that turns rubbish into money.

What we’ve learnt
These four stories show that our customers need a simple, standardised network – not a bespoke one. They need a network that’s sensitive enough to notice the little problems, before they clog the whole system. They need something built to survive disaster, whether it’s a hack or an earthquake. And they need something that’s not only sustainable and green, but that’ll also save them money.

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