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Future-proof your customer service

Turn your call centres into true contact centres with our BT Contact hosted services. By blending email, web chat and voicemail with intelligent routing and traditional voice technologies you can create a multi-channel contact centre at minimum expense.

Bring down risk and cost
You only pay for the services you need, when you need them, so you can easily adjust for seasonal spikes or unexpected events without unnecessary expense. Our experience with the latest technology from the world’s top brands can also bring down risk, cost and delivery time.

Add agents quickly
It takes just hours to add more agents, so Cloud Contact keeps you flexible enough to enter new markets or ramp up capability you’ve already got without tying up substantial capital investment. And if the unexpected happens, rest assured that Cloud Contact can help.

Put yourself in control
Our unified agent desktop puts you in control of all your contact centres anywhere in the world with a single, intuitive interface. You can manage workflows in real time easily and efficiently.

Get up and running fast
Cloud Contact takes just weeks to set up and you can integrate it into your infrastructure quickly.

Boost customer satisfaction
Customers will appreciate having different ways to get in touch with you, and intelligent routing puts them through to the right person when they call – first time, every time.

As well as improved responsiveness, moving to the Cloud Contact next generation platform has saved us 30 per cent on our annual bills compared to the previous solution.”
- Rebecca Tan, Customer Care Manager, SPD

What it costs

For detailed information on pricing, click “Get a quote” on the right or contact your BT Account Manager.

A world-leading contact centre provider

We’re one of the world’s leading hosted contact centre providers – we’ve been supplying them for financial institutions, government agencies, leisure groups and high street retailers since 1998.

Our relationship with technology leader CosmoCom means we can give you the hosted service you need, whatever size you are or whatever industry you’re in.

We have been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2011 award for European Hosted Contact Centre provider of the year. We were Winner of 2010 World Communications Award for ‘Best Global Operator’

We operate Europe’s largest multimedia contact centre – handling 219 million calls a year, and we handle over 1 million emails and web chats per year, and over 30 million online transactions

We can offer a single vendor solution with one set of SLAs, one point of contact, consolidated invoicing and integrated delivery and management

Technical specs

A flexible and resilient service

Our virtual service is flexible – you can go from 25 to more than 1,000 seats on demand.

Cloud Contact gives you all web-based access channels, including email, chat, co-browsing, voice and call back, and we can include each whenever you need it.

Combine multichannel contact management with your CRM applications, or use our embedded contact management to get a detailed view of how and when customers want to contact you. Our Cloud Contact multichannel functionality is modular, so you can respond fast to changing demands, and create an even better customer experience.

Our unified agent desktop brings old and new applications and services together, and gives you high quality information fast through a single, intuitive interface. An embedded administration tool acts as a dashboard for all your reporting needs.

Agents can now manage multiple forms of customer contact, while making sure each contact is recorded and tracked across the whole organisation. That way, you get a full view of the customer that lets you boost revenue per call through effective cross- and up-selling.

The unified agent desktop also lets you:

  • improve collaboration between your sales, marketing and customer service teams, increasing productivity and profitability across your organisation
  • boost customer satisfaction through better first contact resolution, fewer data entry errors and lower average call handling time
  • make agents’ lives considerably easier – no more toggling between different systems – increasing job satisfaction
  • significantly reduce training costs by managing deployment globally
  • stop having to depend on in-house teams to build and maintain bespoke desktop integration tools, so they can focus on activities that drive results rather than manage third-party applications.

Cloud Contact doesn’t depend on infrastructure deployed on site. And there are no hardware constraints. Skills-based routing directs customers to the best agent to take the call, regardless of where they are. And agents can be literally anywhere – in any of your sites, at home or on the move. The only equipment they need are headset-equipped multimedia PCs and an IP connection. With Cloud Contact, you get a technology roadmap, so you know in advance that you’ll get any new applications pre-tested and pre-integrated. It means you get a world-class, “evergreen” contact centre with the very latest technology and no infrastructure or maintenance costs.

Cloud Contact technology includes:

  • IVR call management features for customer self service and call steering, to make sure as many customers as possible get all they need in one call
  • realtime and historic reporting to give supervisors the indicators they need to manage your operation more efficiently
  • management tools to help you create and modify call routing scripts, queues, teams and sites, making agents more productive and responsive to customer trends
  • integration: you can use our open application programming interface and web service integration toolkit to help you empower your workforce
  • recording: you can record customer calls and access them easily based on your own criteria. And you can make them part of the CRM toolkit, to train agents and make compliance easier
  • contact prioritisation: prioritise calls within queues based on CLI, Called Number and the CRM application to cut queues and keep customers happy
  • access to a knowledge base to help agents respond more effectively to service requests and enquiries.

Our global Cloud Contact platforms in Asia Pacific, Dublin, New York and the UK give you extra capacity to make sure you get the resilience, performance and security you need.


Global availability

Cloud Contact is available around the world.


Integrate with the latest applications

Cloud Contact includes the following components:

ACD Services:

  • Skills-based routing
  • Database lookup and queuing
  • Voice recording and storage
  • Remote agent access
  • Full management reporting

Multimedia Services:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Web Collaboration
  • Web Chat
  • Web Call Back
  • Video
  • Fax

Optional Services:

  • Full contact recording
  • Workforce management
  • Outbound dialler
  • CRM integration
  • Self service
  • Call back



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