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BT Connect Optimisation

Prioritise the applications that matter most

Our Connect Optimisation service will help you understand and prioritise your most important applications so you can manage less important traffic over the internet, reducing costs and downtime.

Connect Optimisation is part of our portfolio of application performance management services.

Protect the applications that matter most, no matter what
Connect Optimisation protects your applications even during data ‘rush hour’ times of the day or month. It will also protect essential applications if your users create a lot of non-essential traffic on your network.

Improve application response and slash bandwidth costs
Connect Optimisation can make best use of your network bandwidth and throttle back on non-business critical applications to stop congestion. By allocating the right bandwidth to important applications Connect Optimisation has speeded up response times for customers by 33 per cent. And compression techniques can also cut bandwidth by over 40 per cent.

Run your network the way you want
Connect Optimisation is the next generation of network management. It lets you change application policies fast. It’s improved the speed of a network policy change for one customer by 32 hours.

Choosing the right network path
Connect Optimisation directs WAN traffic across multiple networks to make sure your applications perform at their best, any time.

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The service enables us to analyse and manage bandwidth demand per application and location. This new service was a perfect fit for us. With application visibility and control our applications and our underlying IP network are being optimised to best support our critical business processes.”
- Network manager, large retailer

The Connect Optimisation service enables us to guarantee performance of our business critical applications like our ERP and videoconference.”
- IT director, global pharmaceuticals company

Before Connect Optimisation we had escalating bandwidth spend with constant upgrades with no clear understanding of why. Connect Optimisation has helped us bring our network and applications under control. BT also found 40 per cent of the traffic going over the IPVPN was internet traffic. We are using the new SmartPath feature to direct this over the internet.”
- IT manager, logistics company

What it costs

The costs for Connect Optimisation depend on size and type of the project. You can choose from several options including virtual appliances for smaller sites that don’t need physical devices.

The global leader in application management

We’ve been the market leader in application performance management services for the last seven years. We’ve worked with 600 companies and have 6,000 managed appliances running in 90 countries.

We have long-standing relationships with market-leading partners who provide the technology our portfolio is based on.

Our innovations:

  • We’re the first and so far only provider to test and prototype optimisation virtual appliances for virtual data centre and cloud services.
  • We’re the only provider with an independent test and development facility which lets you compare, contrast and decide on the right way to improve your applications.
  • We’re the first provider to offer a managed SmartPath customer deployment as part of the Connect Optimisation portfolio.

We won Best Corporate Innovation from the GTB Awards 2010 for part of our application performance management portfolio.

We also won Best IT Service at the IET Awards in December 2010.

Technical specs

Your shortcut to innovation

We configure our Connect Optimisation devices with a governance policy to meet your business objectives. We’ll work with you to understand and rank your applications to make sure the most important ones get the bandwidth they need, ahead of others.

With Connect Optimisation, you can easily see if users are getting the application response and performance they need across the WAN. The software will spot whether the response times of the applications are good enough, according to the business rules.

Connect Optimisation devices have quality assurance rules to make sure the most critical applications get across the WAN. The service also lets you run real-time quality checks to make sure the most important data gets through and end users get what they need. And it anticipates network problems before they affect your users.


Available around the world

Our Connect Optimisation is available in more than 90 countries, including:

Germany & Austria
US & Canada
Russia, CEE
MEA (UAE, Turkey & South Africa)
Asia Pac
Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland).


Making applications respond faster

By giving the right bandwidth to important applications Connect Optimisation has speeded up response times for customers by 33 per cent. And compression techniques can also cut bandwidth by over 40 per cent.

Service Level Agreement

Making sure you get top performance

Our new SLA for application assured network service means that beyond general network performance, we make sure your most important applications always get the network resources and priorities they need to perform at their best from LAN to LAN across the WAN.



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