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Secure remote access

BT MobileXpress

Secure remote access – connectivity anywhere, on any device

The introduction of flexible working and bring your own device (BYOD) can transform your business performance and balance sheet. Corporate culture and infrastructure that supports flexible working can help boost productivity, reduce operational costs, retain talented employees and contribute towards sustainability goals. Secure mobile access is central to enabling flexible working and can significantly enhance business resilience in uncertain times. BT MobileXpress helps make it happen by providing secure connections to your network and applications, and letting you manage access to both. Allow your employees to stay connected, securely, anywhere they go, on any device – choose MobileXpress from BT.

Be more flexible – and more productive
Your people, customers, suppliers and partners aren’t just using PCs to do their jobs anymore. They’re using a growing array of tablets and smart phones too. BT MobileXpress supports all devices, from all users, underpinned by market-leading security, management and global access options.Your people can connect however they want, with fixed broadband, mobile broadband or Wi-Fi from almost anywhere in the world. Working on the move or at home makes travel time working time.

Keep your information safe
BT MobileXpress comes with strong, multi-layered security, even if someone is connecting from an internet café or home network, or using a business device or personal smart phone. So your data is always protected, and you have full control of who has access.

Combine easy access with strong security
Our single, intuitive user interface installed on a PC or smart phone gives access, authentication and security in one. It makes it easy for users to connect without worrying about changing configurations, and it helps them link up smoothly with your online applications. You can also use it to collect data to help improve the user experience.

Spend less on property and admin
With flexible working, you could cut your running costs by up to 30 per cent, and get your money back within 18 months. And by using one supplier, you get a streamlined IT structure and one bill, making your mobile access easier to manage.

“Very few service providers are able to demonstrate an understanding of local complexities with regards to flexible working and BT is well placed.”
OVUM 2008.

“We wanted a managed service which would be flexible to meet our growing needs for agile secure working practice, whilst investing in strategic technologies and controlling the ongoing cost of service. BT MobileXpress met these requirements and we had confidence that with their proven experience BT could deliver.”
Edd Scrine, Head of IT Operations, Financial Times

What it costs

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Making mobile working better

We’ve been making organisations more flexible with mobile working for over a decade. We work with leading providers like security experts Juniper Networks and RSA Security to give you a service that exceeds your needs and helps you plan for the future.

BT MobileXpress is part of our Work Anywhere portfolio, which includes everything you need to set up mobile working. We do it all, so you won’t have to look for separate suppliers. And we have 10,000 experts around the world ready to advise you on the best mobile working approach for your organisation.

We use it too – in the UK alone we have 75,000 people who work flexibly, saving us €750 million per year on property costs, and delivering an estimated 20 per cent boost in productivity from our flexible workers.

Technical specs

Strong security with easy and flexible access

BT MobileXpress has four main parts:

  • Mobile Security: our mobile security services are focused on SSL VPNs and One Time Password (OTP) strong authentication. These are very important for securing access from all devices and to your applications, as well as making sure users are who they say they are.
  • User Interface: our single, intuitive user interface is the same no matter which network you use, and brings access and security into one seamless connection process at work, at home or on the move.
  • Management: our web-based management tools let your IT department manage, monitor and control your BT MobileXpress service, with no need to install extra software.
  • Availability: our global access options include Wi-Fi, hotel Ethernet and dial with support for 3G wireless broadband, and DSL.


Available around the world

BT Mobile Xpress is available all over the world.


Your own user interface

We’ll design and set up the BT MobileXpress Client user interface to your company’s specification. It’s then posted on your own partitioned area of the BT MobileXpress Toolkit – the Web-based Management Portal. From here you can download it and distribute it to your end users.

You can run the BT MobileXpress user interface on any Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC. Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 5 and 6 /6.1 versions are also available for smart phones and PDAs.

Service Level Agreement

Everything’s covered

Our Service Level Agreement covers all the parts of the service:

  • Service delivery - to make sure you get your services on the agreed date.
  • Service assurance and availability - to make sure everything is reliable on site.

For BT MobileXpress, our service availability is 99.8 per cent.



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