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Asset tracking for hospitals

BT Trace for Health


Improve efficiency by knowing the location of your assets and equipment

The Nursing Times and BBC has reported that the average hospital loses as much 15 per cent of their assets every year. It’s also estimated that looking for and replacing missing items takes up to 40 hours a month per nurse and costs the NHS £900 million.

BT Trace for Health can help staff to quickly locate assets and equipment, save time, improve efficiency and deliver a better patient experience.

Approximately 20,000 doctors spend an hour a day waiting for patient information. Nurses spend over 4 hours looking for patient records and medical equipment. Nursing Times

How does it work?

Using the hospital wireless network, tagged assets are tracked and their locations are displayed on a computer screen.

With BT Trace for Health organisations can:

  • Effectively manage mobile equipment and surgical sets. Being able to track and locate your equipment quickly will improve the efficient running of the hospital.
  • Locate paper patient records. BT Trace provides an easy to use solution that enables staff to locate quickly patient records.
  • Protect vulnerable people. Our solution provides an easy way to locate people. In the event that a person is taken off the ward without permission, BT Trace will work with security systems to trigger alarms and lock down wards.
  • Inform purchasing decisions. Through our reporting and analysis tool you will be able to identify asset demand and usage. Therefore helping eliminating waste.

The average hospital mislays or loses as much as 15% of its high value assets every year. AeroScout 2009

Why BT?

  • We’re one of the largest providers of healthcare technology in the world, with a vast amount of experience in delivering healthcare solutions
  • The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has trusted us for more than 65 years, and depends on our technology and support to keep critical services running.

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BT Trace for Health is available for UK Public sector organisations.