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BT Assure Intrusion Prevention

The benefits

Intelligent threat prevention – Smarter protection for your business

‘Deep packet’ inspection sees traffic passing through your security devices and across your network, spotting and stopping potential threats to applications, databases and more.

Cut your risks
Our intelligent intrusion threat prevention service cleans 300 of the most malicious attacks and detects more than 3,000 other potential attacks. By targeting potential threats to your IT environment, we’ll give you round-the-clock, automated protection with sophisticated intrusion prevention technology.

Maintain business confidence
Knowing your IT environment is protected against attack doesn’t just reassure you, but also your clients and any suppliers whose data uses your network.

Stay in control
You’ll keep control of your own security policy and you can scale your protection to suit your needs.

What it costs

What it costs

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More reasons to buy

We’re the world leader in IT security

We’re the world’s number one managed security services IT outsourcing provider. And in January 2010 we got the highest rating among the world’s leading IT security service vendors in Datamonitor’s Black Book of Outsourcing report.

We’re one of just two providers with a ‘comprehensive’ ranking for managed security services in Forrester’s Market Overview: Managed Security Services (Forrester Research Inc, March 2010).

With 1,300 security experts, we’re one of the world’s biggest practices devoted to security and business continuity.

We invest heavily in security-related research and development each year and currently have 108 registered patents, with more than 190 published security papers.

Technical specs

Powerful and effective threat blocking

Assure Intrusion Prevention includes recommendations for strategies to counter threats and it blocks 300 different types of threat.

It protects against known zero-day, Denial of Service (DoS) and encrypted attack, Spyware, VoIP vulnerabilities, botnets, network worms, malware, phishing, trojans and peer-to-peer applications.


Available across the UK

Assure Intrusion Prevention is available to businesses everywhere in the UK.



Assure Intrusion Prevention can be deployed to protect all applications and devices across your networked IT infrastructure

Service Level Agreement

Great service or you pay less

Our Service Level Agreements mean you pay less if we don’t meet our commitments for providing and managing your service.


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