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Core protection for your business

The shift to a more digital world has meant that businesses have had to re-evaluate their stance on security.  In previous years, cyber security was predominantly about ensuring a strong perimeter around your network. These days, employees have access to all sorts of solutions and platforms which can open the door to a vast array of risks.

The BT Assure portfolio allows us to secure, what is in effect, a moving target, when it comes to the digital demands of the modern organisation. Our security consultancy services help to ensure that security is built-in not bolted-on.

Core protection for your business with secure internet gateways

Hackers, malware and cyber thieves are becoming ever more sophisticated – but so are we. Our Assure Managed Firewall protects your most important assets, providing you with a dedicated team of security experts and constantly evolving protection technology.

Get the perfect security system for you

We’ll create a firewall architecture that gives you the best protection for your assets and budget. We can tailor our support to whatever you need, wherever you do business.

Protect yourself with the best

Our relationship with leading security vendors means you get access to the latest technology at competitive prices. We provide Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper and Palo Alto Networks managed firewalls.

Better than DIYNetworks

Our security experts can manage your firewalls around the clock and give you detailed reports on your system’s health and attack history.

BT & Cisco

Protecting against cyber threats across the globe.

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We do not have the discipline and standard technologies, and frankly it is not very important to us until it goes wrong. But firewall management is a core business to BT. BT is providing expertise while bringing down the cost in real terms”.
- Chief Information Officer, Unilever


  • Industry-leading protection against new and dynamic threats: BT works with best-in-class vendors. The solution is based on a choice of technologies to protect your business: Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Juniper or Palo Alto Networks.
  • Experts on hand: reduce the need to recruit and retain specialist IT staff. BT’s security specialists have expertise in the latest technologies and provide 24x7x365 cover.
  • Scalability: our highly scalable service can meet the needs of all sizes of organisation – from those using simple Internet links, through to large-scale WAN infrastructures.
  • Improved productivity: reduce downtime and prevent unproductive applications from running on your network, such as peer-to-peer.
  • Proactive monitoring: we provide a centralised monitoring of your firewall estate, giving you the information you need to respond proactively.
  • Maintain ownership of your security policy: you remain in control of your security policy, with BT helping you to define it, ensuring it is expertly implemented and maintained.
  • Professional Services: we can provide you with technical consultants on an “as needed” basis, thus complementing your organisation’s in-house skills and providing analysis and design expertise which will optimise the performance of your solution.


More than just a firewall

  • Point-to-point VPNs: to establish fully-secure connectivity between your organisation’s sites over the Internet; where this is a more appropriate networking option for your organisation than dedicated private network connectivity.
  • Remote Access VPNs: to provide access to your company resources for your employees whilst they are working remotely. BT managed firewalls will work with your existing authentication solutions.
  • DMZs (De-Militarised Zones): provide the best security for key applications, enabling them to be accessible from the Internet under tightly-defined conditions, whilst denying access from the Internet to other resources on your network.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)/Next Generation Firewall features: select optional services to be deployed on your BT Assure Managed Firewall, depending on the firewall model you choose.

The details

Next Generation Firewall specifications

BT Assure Managed Firewall can provide a number of advantages over and above the typical in-house or DIY firewall implementations.

  • Policy configuration tailored to your needs: our experts specialise in firewall configuration and will implement the best solution for you. Firewalls are proactively tested as further assurance of security, both on set-up and following in-life changes.
  • Protect key applications: our firewall service will support multiple de-militarised zones to best protect key applications, such as Internet-facing web servers. It will also provide a range of IPSec VPN options to enable fully secure communications over the Internet, for example with your firewalls on other sites to create a private network, or to provide inbound remote access.
  • Global installation: BT can deploy complex solutions on your sites anywhere in the world, with full project management and service commissioning. Our service includes expert deployment and is tailored to match your organisation’s specific requirements.
  • Leave it to us: BT’s accredited security team will proactively manage your firewalls 24x7x365. Our management processes include in-life policy updates and application patches. We manage and maintain the service for you.
  • Onsite Support: BT’s IT support partners can provide onsite attendance around the world, to replace faulty equipment and restore service within hours.
  • Clear reporting: detailed reports can be accessed through a secure customer portal, providing information on system health and threat activity. These reports can be used to analyse user activity and provide assurance of hacking prevention.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)/Next Generation Firewall features: the optional services that you can deploy as part of your BT Assure Managed Firewall are summarised below.
  Web Anti- Virus URL Filtering IPS Anti-Bot App Control Id Aware Threat Emulation Real-Time Policy View Online UTM Reports
Juniper Y Y Y            
Checkpoint Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y via Smart Event
Fortinet Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Palo Alto Networks Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
  • Web Anti-Virus: web browser (http) and secure web browser (https) traffic is checked to determine if they are carrying malicious code.
  • URL Filtering: provides additional categories you can use to filter web traffic.
  • Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS): inspects all traffic for threats and abnormal behaviour, looking into the data far more deeply than a standard firewall.
  • Anti-Bot: protection is achieved by detecting and blocking connection attempts to known botnets.
  • App Control: provides granular controls based on the applications people are using, rather than just the ports or protocols.
  • Id Aware: allows you to control explicitly which people and groups within an organisation can access on-line resources.
  • Threat Emulation: also referred to as ‘Sandboxing’, this provides protection against advanced, unknown and zero-day attacks, ensuring unknown malware is blocked from entering the network.
  • Real-Time Policy View: allows you read-only access to view your security policy in real-time.
  • Online UTM Reports: access and manage reports to inform you of items such as specific types of events being detected on your network, user or application behaviours, log entries and potential threats.


Available around the world

BT Assure Managed Firewall is available globally.



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