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BT Assure Threat Monitoring

Make security visible in real time across your organisation

Our unique security information and event management (SIEM) service collects and analyses security information in real time from across your organisation. A combination of powerful proprietary technologies and human intelligence helps to prevent attacks on your network, and protect your commercially sensitive information.

Simplify your security system
Get an overview of your organisation’s security with concise reporting that pulls together information from devices across your network, including your firewalls, servers, routers and intrusion detection systems (IDS). We’ll monitor your network in real time, filtering out routine and false alerts so we only focus on the data that may really have an impact on your business.

Correlation to single out the real threats
By focusing expert resources on genuine threats you’ll get the maximum benefit from your security investment.

Reduce your liability
We can give auditors and regulators independent third-party reports that show how well your network usage meets internal policy and external legal requirements.

Revolutionary Insight
We now offer a powerful visual analytics layer. Assure Analytics helps you make sense of security metrics by consolidating millions of data points into simple graphical presentations which highlight trends, and illustrate ways in which data is or isn’t related.

Security and compliance requires specialised expertise, and it makes more sense to outsource that so my staff can stay focused on the core business objectives. BT can survey all the potential threats worldwide and provide a much wider, more current view of the threats. That’s something we can’t do as efficiently, given our current staff levels.”
- John Lambeth, CISSP, CISA VP, Information Technology Blackboard Inc.

What it costs

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One of the world’s biggest security practices

We have more than 1,000 customers worldwide and monitor 300,000 customer devices through nine global security operations centres.

We’ve built all our extensive security knowledge from around the world into a sophisticated correlation database with more than one million event rules.

With 1,300 security experts, we’re one of the world’s biggest dedicated security and business continuity practices.

Technical specs

World-class security systems

Our Assure Threat Monitoring is closely aligned with our managed security solutions for maximum long-term value.

Assure Threat Monitoring and Assure Analytics tells you:

  • what’s really on your network, who’s using it, and whether or not your network’s at risk
  • how well your actual network usage matches your policy requirements
  • how to build an incident response process
  • how to satisfy auditors and regulators that you’re performing enough due diligence
  • who’s attacking you, and how hard they’re trying
  • how well-engineered your network is, and what you can do to improve it
  • where the weak spots are in your network and applications, and what you can do to fix them.


Available all over the world

Assure Threat Monitoring is available to customers globally.

Assure Analytics innovative service is available to all existing and new BT Assure Threat Monitoring customers at no extra charge.


Supporting the whole network

Our Assure Threat Monitoring and Assure Analytics services will support a broad range of devices and applications, from the perimeter to the core of your network. It includes operating systems and applications like database applications, web servers and host intrusion protection. It also includes networking devices such as firewalls, switches, routers, network intrusion detection and intrusion protection systems.

Service Level Agreement

Great service, or you pay less

Our Service Level Agreements mean you pay less if we don’t meet our commitments for providing and managing your service.



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