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A flexible, scalable, secure and compliant data infrastructure

Your IT resources are under pressure from reduced budgets and increasing demand. There’s the drive for electronic patient records to be online by 2015 and to have a paperless NHS by 2018. Can your IT infrastructure cope with these demands? Will you need to increase your power and storage space? Have you considered data security and compliance? Can your already stretched budget cope?

An NHS Trust found themselves without vital services including clinical systems for five hours due to instability in their IT Systems. What would be the impact on your organisation if this happened? Are your disaster recovery procedures sufficient to cope? Ensuring your IT infrastructure is resilient, flexible, secure and compliant to cope with demand is the foundation to success.

With the launch of our hosted platform service BT Compute for Health an “Information Governance Statement of Compliance” (IG SoC) service, we have a broad suite of services to meet all of your needs. Our solutions will deliver you a flexible, scalable, secure and compliant data infrastructure – including storage of patient identifiable data.


BT Compute for Health


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What you get
Whatever your data requirements we have a solution to meet your needs. We can help your organisation improved its infrastructure to meet the rise in application, network and storage demands whilst reducing your IT cost.

We will deliver:

  • Fully managed service – we can manage your existing infrastructure or migrate your applications and services onto our platform. This can be hosted on your premises or at a BT data centre.
  • A platform that is compliant with standards to host patient data
  • A secure and resilient service – we will ensure full business continuity and disaster recovery
  • N3 connection – BT Compute for Health is connected to the N3 network therefore no additional connection cost required.
  • Flexible and agile service – you only pay for what you use whilst having the ability to flex capacity up and down when needed.
  • Service Support – with our 24x7 management service and service level agreement you can be sure your services are fully supported and available.

Why BT?
BT has hosted patient data for the NHS on the Spine. With us you get:

  • Experience and expertise in Healthcare – you will be supported by a team of specialist with understanding of the challenges facing Healthcare organisations like yours
  • We have an extensive portfolio from private, hybrid and hosted solutions
  • We have capability to host PID data to ensure compliance with appropriate standards
  • Service commitment – we provide a 24/7 helpdesk
  • Easy to do business – you can purchase via G-Cloud and the PSN framework contracts.
  • We work with all major IT equipment vendors so we can secure competitive prices

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Data centre services for UK health organisations

BT Compute for Health is available to health organisations within the UK.



BT Compute for Health

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A flexible, scalable, secure and compliant data infrastructure