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BT Enterprise Broadband


Low cost, flexible broadband solution to improve service delivery

For public sector organisations, managing with reduced budgets and increasing demands is the norm. How can organisations continue to improve service delivery and save money?

BT Enterprise Broadband provides government organisations with a corporate broadband service. The service provides a web based management tool to manage large numbers of individual low-cost broadband lines to your manage your services. With low cost and high performance and almost 100% coverage Enterprise broadband is ideal for data networking.

Enterprise broadband service is helping government organisations:

  • Effectively manage traffic flow, during peak travel times by connecting your traffic management system to set and control traffic lights.
  • Provide protection and peace of mind for citizen and organisations with CCTV. Monitor high crime areas and streets to prevent crime and to keep the community safe
  • Provide monitoring service to reduce energy demand and cut carbon emissions. Centrally monitor heating systems in residential accommodation to help reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Improve patients’ stay in hospital. Patients can connect to the internet and keep in touch during their visits and stay in hospital.
  • Enable your employees to work from home. Reduce costs, increase productivity and improve employee work life balance.

We can help you:

  • Lower your costs. With no minimum contract commitment, this is ideal for temporary sites and short-term connections. It also gives you back-up communications in disaster recovery situations.
  • Easy to manage your broadband needs. Lines are easy to manage through a centralised web-based portal. Tools for diagnosing and reporting faults let your IT team give your people the support they need –. Your people can also come to us direct through an end-user helpdesk. The choice is yours.
  • No download limits so you have predictable costs with no surprises.
  • Get a fast, secure and reliable service. You can place orders for single lines or in bulk. And you can order PSTN lines at the same time, with no need for multiple order processes. And with no traffic or download limits you won’t have slow periods or extra costs.
  • Get transparent costs. You'll have a choice of broadband connection options with a competitive flat-rate monthly tariff and no call charges, all on a single, fully itemised bill. So you can manage your IT overheads and budget with no nasty surprises.
  • Be leaner and greener. Encouraging home working means less travel costs for your employees and lowers your environmental impact. Home working typically means higher productivity, more efficiency, and less sickness and absenteeism, as well as reduced staff turnover.
  • Have the service you want. Our service is designed to meet your needs. If you want a low-speed circuit with a top-end router and the highest level of care and support, that’s what you’ll get.

Why BT?

We provide this service to more than 200 organisations in both the private and public sector. They include local government, health, defence, finance, pharmaceutical, retail, transport and logistics, as well as the IT and professional service industries

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BT Enterprise Broadband availability

Enterprise broadband is available to all public sector organisations within the UK