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Data centre services available globally, delivered locally

Keep ahead of your competitors and make the most of new technologies with our award-winning, enterprise-class data centre services, supported by industry-leading experts. If you need more space for new servers, or you need to bring in new applications and update your systems, you can save money, improve your services and cut risk with our fully customisable range of BT Compute services. We offer 99.95 per cent service levels too.

BT Compute services are available globally from our datacenters, providing a full range of services from traditional Telehousing and Co-Location, through to the latest Infrastructure as a Service cloud offerings. BT Private Compute is provided in a secure BT-managed data centre and offers dedicated private physical server infrastructure set aside for the customer’s exclusive use. Our Cloud Compute service offers hybrid Public and Private cloud infrastructure, self-served by you via our secure portal. Services can be built and accessed in minutes.

Giving you choice and connected control in the cloud

Find out why the cloud means a new kind of IT and a new kind of CIO.

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We knew we would require substantial server infrastructure to cope with such high levels of traffic, although this would only be needed until the end of the Games,” “The BT infrastructure was robust and scalable, What’s more we delivered the project free of significant capital investment and without compromising our environmental and sustainability credentials. ”
- Brian Cook, Head of Technology Service Delivery at the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG)


  • Better solutions through choice.
    The best solution for your business can be delivered with a hybrid of data centre services, offering fast, flexible access to the latest data centre technology, with specially configured elements to suit your unique needs. Whichever options you choose, the benefits are clear.
  • The latest technology, at your service.
    We’ve invested heavily in research and development – so you don’t have to. Our services and expertise are some of the best available, which means you can focus on your core business. And because everything’s managed and maintained by us, you’ll get the benefits of the latest technology with minimal up-front cost, or none at all.
  • Local infrastructure and support.
    For added security and ease of use, our BT Compute services are available globally with local infrastructure, local languages and local expertise too.
  • Greener by design.
    Exploiting the latest technology means more environmental efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. BT has won awards for its green credentials – for instance, the Green Award was one of four we picked up at the World Communication Awards in 2010.

The flexibility the system gives Crabtree and Evelyn also has important financial implications. If the company needs to open up new pop up stores in the run up to Christmas, or simply get more point of sale systems online to cope with customer demand, we can simply switch on new servers within the hour.”
- Tim Johnson, IT Director, Crabtree & Evelyn

BT is rated very strong in comparison to other global data centre and cloud services providers, because it has taken an evolutionary approach to its portfolio development which mirrors the range of market readiness for virtualized IT services”
- Current analysis, Data Centre & Cloud Services assessment, John Marcus, May 2014

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What it costs

BT Compute services are priced according to standard pricing tools reflecting the mix of services required. Utility cloud services are priced from as little as £0.07 per hour for virtual servers. For further information contact your account manager.

Service Level Agreement

Fully assured infrastructure service. We offer service availability of 99.95 per cent.


Globally available data centre services

Our data centre services are available in all regions around the world. We provide Telehousing, Co-Location, Managed Hosting, Private Compute and Cloud Compute services from our global data centre infrastructure.



Cloud Compute brochure

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Tailor your cloud solutions in real time.

BT Private Compute brochure


Dedicated cloud infrastructure hosting your IT.

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Secure locations for your IT platforms.


Cloud Compute datasheet

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Fast flexible access to cloud infrastructure.

Apps from BT datasheet

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Click to deploy business applications available at your fingertips

BT Compute Storage datasheet

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Enterprise grade, cloud-based object storage with enhanced security and durability

White papers

Realising possibilities in the cloud: The need for a trusted broker

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hite paper exploring how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud: A Strategic Roadmap


White paper offering a strategic approach to cloud deployment and the hybrid model.

BT Cloud Compute Security


White paper describing the security perspective of IaaS for BT Cloud Compute.