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BT Connect Acceleration

Supercharge applications and cut bandwidth costs

Our Connect Acceleration service will help you work faster and more efficiently, bringing your network up to full speed by removing unnecessary or repeated data.

Connect Acceleration is part of our portfolio of application performance management services.

Get better performance and cut bandwidth costs
We typically cut our customers’ bandwidth costs by 30–60 per cent, while their applications perform up to 200 times better. Most applications benefit significantly straight away. We cut typical back-up time for one investment bank from 20 hours to just three hours.

Boost productivity and improve customer experience
A faster, leaner, more effective network means your staff can do their jobs better and more efficiently. One global media company cut their customer transaction time by 20 seconds, saving £500,000 per year in contact centre agent costs and slashing bandwidth by 85 per cent.

Global consolidation made easier
Connect Acceleration can help you overcome problems with latency and capacity when you’re consolidating from remote sites to central data centres or virtual cloud storage. If you speed up your applications, you won’t need to add expensive bandwidth and your system users and customers will still get faster performance.

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The latest BT Acceleration reports show that a massive data reduction of 76 per cent has already been achieved. BT’s service includes project management, which took care of everything from ordering and shipping the hardware to dealing with customs issues. BT also organised and supervised local engineering teams carrying out the installations.”

- Christoph Pscherer, Service Manager IT Network and Voice Services, Siemens Enterprise Communications

SharePoint data over the WAN was reduced by 85 per cent and file download times were reduced from 30 seconds to less than five seconds. HTTP, email and SAP traffic were reduced by over 65 per cent, and bandwidth reduction also helped save WAN upgrade costs by £500,000."

- IT Manager, Large Manufacturer

What it costs

We’ve worked with businesses from small organisations on £100,000 contracts right up to multinationals in 90 countries with 20,000 mobile users, where we’ve installed 400 devices on £30m-plus projects.

Costs of the service vary depending on how many sites you have, how big they are and how many users and types of applications you have.

We estimate the return on investment for the Connect Acceleration service is within seven months. You’ll save on faster application transactions, better productivity and lower network and access costs.

The global leader in application management

We’re the market leader in application management services, with 600 customers and 6,000 managed appliances running in 90 countries.

We’ve been leading in this market for the last seven years and have the track record to prove it. We’re the first and so far only service provider to test and prototype Connect Acceleration virtual appliances for use with virtual data centre and cloud solutions. We were also the first service provider to test and demo video streaming with WAN acceleration as a software-only solution running on a virtual platform.

We’re the only service provider with an independent test and development facility which lets you compare, contrast and decide on the right service for you.

We have long-standing relationships with market-leading partners who provide the technology our application performance management portfolio is based on.

We use Connect Acceleration too. We cut server back-ups on our management platform by 90 per cent from 70GB of traffic to 615MB, which has helped us be more efficient and speed up back-up rates.

We won Best Corporate Innovation from the GTB Awards 2010 for part of our application performance management portfolio.

We also won Best IT Service at the IET Awards in December 2010.

This is in addition to the multiple awards we have consistently won since the service was launched.

Technical specs

Your shortcut to innovation

Our Connect Acceleration service is built on market-leading Riverbed technology.

We were the first global service provider to launch the Riverbed Managed Service in October 2008, and the only one to offer a full range of fixed, mobile and RSP applications including video streaming. We also have more than 1,000 trained Staff on Riverbed.

We have won for the last two years service provider of the year award from Riverbed.


Available around the world

Our Connect Acceleration service is available in more than 90 countries, including:

Germany & Austria
US & Canada
Russia, CEE
MEA (UAE, Turkey & South Africa)
Asia Pac
Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland)


Keeping you in line with the best in your industry

Our Optimisation Benchmark Database analyses all the Connect Acceleration customers we’re managing and summarises the performance improvements they’re getting.

The database means we can tell you if the improvement you’re getting matches the industry standard. We can also tell you what the typical improvement rates are for certain applications. For instance, through Connect Acceleration we’ve seen has seen 100 per cent bandwidth reduction for http, Citrix and SQL.

Service Level Agreement

Making sure you get top performance

Our new SLA for application assured network service means that beyond general network performance, we make sure your most important applications always get the network resources and priorities they need to perform at their best from LAN to LAN across the WAN.



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