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Get in-depth analysis of your applications to spot problems early

The success or failure of your business could depend on how well your systems are performing. Our in-depth monitoring service analyses both your internal and internet-based applications, measures how effective they are and gives you detailed strategy reports to make sure they’re always running at peak efficiency.

Connect Intelligence is part of our portfolio of application performance management services.

Be as good as you can be
Our detailed analysis and reports will help you make the most of your applications and business processes. The service spots problems and solutions quickly, so you’re always running as effectively as you can. For instance, our technology can tell you if your people are getting what they need from their IT systems. And it can tell you how well your websites are performing across the internet, from how long they take to process transactions on different browsers to how they compare with your competition.

Cut costs and budget more effectively
You’ll be able to plan your budgets better and save on the manpower you need to keep your operations running cost effectively.

Streamline your operation with clear, effective reporting
Our reports present your metrics simply, via an online dashboard that’s easy to set up and use and gives you historic and real-time reports. Our help desk and an analyst assigned to monitor your applications will also make sure you get the best out of the service.

Boost productivity
Easy access and detailed data backed by round-the-clock support mean less time spent troubleshooting, and more time dedicated to your core business.

Boost revenue and protect your brand
Speedy websites mean faster transactions, happy customers and more revenue. You may think you’ve done the load testing to make sure your sites are running fast enough, but sometimes it’s not enough. We worked with a retailer who thought transactions were running on a five second response. Our monitoring showed many were taking 20 seconds and half were timing out after 90. Based on just our initial advice, the retailer cut response times by 80 per cent.

Stay competitive
Because we use Web performance monitoring industry benchmarking we can help you find out how your competitors’ websites are performing. And that helps us keep you out in front.

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Connect Applications has developed into a solid, commercially-viable service, with tangible benefits for business users who desire an optimal network performance. With the assessments, diagnostics, monitoring and optimisation features, BT demonstrates how bottlenecks are removed and how surges in demand are identified, accelerated and managed in real time.”
- Janet Watkin, Analyst, Telemark Services

What it costs

The cost of our service varies depending on the type of applications you’re running, your environment, the overall scale of the project and what you want us to measure.

Downtime for applications like ERP can cost up to £1m a day. And for a business doing $100,000 worth of business a day, a one second webpage slowdown could cost $2m a year in lost revenue (Source: Aberdeen Group). So it makes sense to have a monitoring service to help you avoid those costs and make sure you don’t lose revenue or damage your brand.

The best as standard

We insist on using the best technology and we have long-standing relationships with market-leading partners to provide the technology our application performance management portfolio is based on.

We’re known innovators in this field and we were the first to launch a managed Web Performance Monitoring service based on Compuware Gomez.

We have the biggest international share of the application management market, with 600 customers and 6,000 managed appliances running in 90 countries.

We won Best Corporate Innovation from the GTB Awards 2010 for part of our application performance management portfolio.
We also won Best IT Service at the IET Awards, December 2010.

Technical specs

Three types of performance intelligence

Connect Intelligence is a portfolio of services that monitors your applications and IT infrastructure. The Unified Dashboard brings everything together into a single view aligning business objectives with performance metrics of your processes, applications and IT. Connect Intelligence includes Web Performance Monitoring that enables you to rapidly identify and resolve web application problems no matter where they occur on the web application delivery chain. 

There are three main areas to Connect Intelligence that combine in three incremental steps.

Application Performance Monitoring (APMo):
This is the foundation to Connect intelligence. It provides granular performance monitoring of applications and internal user experience.   It helps you understand all tiers in your environment from the enterprise datacentre and includes

  • Application Landscape: Understand your entire application landscape
  • Packaged applications:  SAP, Siebel, Oracle Forms.
  • Thin client:  Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services and VPN access.
  • Middleware:  MQ, XML/Soap, Tuxedo Jolt.
  • Database:  Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix.

Web Performance Monitoring (WPMo)
This starts to look outside the organisation monitoring web applications to identify and resolve problems no matter where they occur on the web application delivery chain.  Key capabilities include:

  • Monitoring web pages or complex business transactions inc Flash, AJAX and Flex.
  • More than 200,000 Internet Backbone and Last Mile monitoring locations via the Gomez Network.
  • Instant testing diagnostics using HTTP, Ping, Trace Route and DNS Lookup testing.
  • Real-time, detailed alerts delivered via e-mail, SMTP and SMS.
  • Visibility into HTML, trace routes and screenshots for failed tests with Screen Capture on Error (SCoE).

Unified Dashboard
The final area bringing all of the features together is an enhanced unifying dashboard which presents all of the reporting features of APMo plus the ability to take feeds from different information sources.

Unified Dashboard provides a single view of current performance and alerts with operational and diagnostic dashboards. The unified Dashboard enables better decision making by providing business-relevant information for different stakeholders who are either involved in service delivery or affected by it.


Available around the world

Connect Intelligence is available in more than 90 countries, including:

Germany & Austria
US & Canada
Russia, CEE
MEA (UAE, Turkey & South Africa)
Asia Pac
Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland)


Spot issues and fix them fast

Application Performance Monitoring (APMo) Multi-tier analysis for all types of applications includes:

Network: Netflow reporting capability
Web front-end: HTTP, HTTPS
Packaged applications: SAP, Siebel, Oracle Forms
Thin client: Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services and VPN access
Middleware: MQ, XML/Soap, Tuxedo Jolt
Database: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, Informix

Web Performance Monitoring

  • Monitoring web pages or complex business transactions including Flash, AJAX and Flex.
  • Instant testing diagnostics using HTTP, Ping, Trace Route and DNS Lookup testing.
  • Real-time, detailed alerts by email, SMTP and SMS.
  • Visibility into HTML, trace routes and screenshots for failed tests with Screen Capture on Error (SCoE).

Service Level Agreement

Making sure you get top performance

Our new SLA for Connect Applications service means that beyond general network performance, we make sure your most important applications always get the network resources and priorities they need to perform at their best from LAN to LAN across the WAN.



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