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CPE maintenance services


Voice Maintenance
We offer maintenance on the majority of UK systems, providing a one stop shop for service to our customers. This offers you a seamless, cost effective, end to end solution from single site to multi-site mixed vendor estates.

Our comprehensive range of maintenance solutions for voice equipment portfolio is available for standard 9-5 through to custom solutions.

Data Maintenance
We have specific services for our data equipment portfolio ranging from installation and integration services to re-active (break/fix) maintenance to services. We also work closely with partners such as Cisco and Avaya to bring the most competitive solutions to your customer.

Our comprehensive range of maintenance solutions for data equipment portfolio is available for standard 9-5 through to custom solutions.

We offer a range of installation services for our data and voice equipment portfolio, from basic plug and power to full integration and staging services for larger project rollouts.

The engineer was here within the hour and had our systems up and running half an hour later! Unlike our previous maintainer, he was able to tell us what was wrong with the system. After months of hardware fixes, it turned out to be a software problem.”

Key benefits

Customer satisfaction is BT’s #1 priority. We provide a truly global customer experience. We have in place a long-established customer satisfaction programme and a world-renowned reputation for our committed approach to customer service.

Unrivalled Expertise – Who better to manage your telephony systems than the UK’s number 1 in voice and data? BT has the largest engineering field force of its kind in Europe and you will get an experienced on-site engineer faster than with any other provider.

Single Point of Contact – get rid of the burden of managing multiple suppliers who pass the buck when things go wrong. Whether your problem is system or network related just call one number and we take care of the rest.

Flexible Solutions – We create a solution to match your needs and flexible call-out options can give 24-hour cover cost effectively. Our range of response times and other service for relocations, additions and changes and engineering services add even more value.

Cost effective – Our services can save you money on your existing spend. We benchmark our prices regularly to ensure they are competitive and deliver excellent value for money.

Futures – as an independent provider of vendor technologies, we can offer the right solution to suit your business needs and the flexibility to migrate technology within term of your maintenance agreement.

Key features

Services are part of the fabric of BT

Comprehensive maintenance portfolio

  • Flexible maintenance options to match business needs
  • Value add services for extra business continuity assurance
  • Complete capability with support for multi-vendor environments
  • Third party relationships with industry specialists to ensure an end-to end solution.
  • At least 70% of faults are cleared remotely – and half of these are fixed within two hours of receiving a fault report
  • More than 92% of data faults are fixed by BT within 5 hours of being reported
  • 25 out of 40 stocking points are operational 24x7, providing a two-hour spares delivery service to most sites in the UK.

Detailed description

Maintenance services are part of the fabric of BT

In addition to the fault repair options below, BT can offer a range of service options such as Proactive Alarm Monitoring.  Contact your BT account Manager for more information.

Fault Repair Service Options:

Standard Care
– BT will respond to incidents reported during standard working hours within 4 working hours (0800-1700 Monday to Friday excluding Bank/Public Holidays) and will fix incidents within 18 working hours

Business Care – BT guarantees a response time of 2 working hours (0800-2100 Monday to Sunday including Bank/Public Holidays from 0800-2100) and will fix incidents within 8 hours

Business Premium Care – BT provides total cover on incidents reported 24-hours a day, 7-days a week including Bank/Public holidays with a guaranteed response time of 2 hours and will fix incidents within 5 hours

Technical specifications

Enhance the value of your network

  • Clarity - Single point of contact, service continuity, cost-effective maintenance and efficient service delivery – through partnerships with the top data vendors and support for almost any vendor’s voice products
  • Even better value - Cheaper maintenance prices. Attractive, flexible discount packages to match existing voice and data configurations
  • Simplicity - One stop shop for maintenance: one contract, one contact, one bill - for all services issues on all equipment, including any installed outside the UK. Simpler maintenance and billing for multi-vendor legacy installations. One expert supplier takes care of everything
  • Lower costs - Lower communications and IT overheads. There’s no need to invest in further in-house technical support
  • Peace of mind - Reduced risk and cost of downtime. Many faults can be pre-empted and most others can be sorted out without a site visit or having to shut systems down
  • Consistency - National coverage for fast, on-site fixes. An engineer can usually get to site in under an hour. Replacement components can usually be delivered to site in two hours
  • Confidence - Easy migration from legacy environments to converged, IP platforms and enhanced network management. BT is a leader in developing and implementing converged solutions and is a major user of IP technologies. We can support you throughout your journey, integrating legacy systems with new technology and bringing about a safe, sure migration to the convergence of voice and data networks and applications.

Who should buy

Looking to focus on core competencies

In addition to supplying all your equipment and maintenance needs our services include:

  • Service Level Agreements
  • Pro-active incident management
  • Service management
  • Configuration management
  • Professional services
  • Performance reporting