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Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service (DFTS)



The Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service (DFTS) is delivered by BT on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and delivers proven value for money under a single supplier agreement.

It began back in 1997, and it shows how a public private contract can develop into a true partnership.

National Defence relies on swift and secure access to key people and up-to-date information. DFTS helps the MOD in its most critical activities, like pinpointing organisations and people who make and plant Improvised Explosive Devices, or speeding up transfers and treatment of frontline casualties.

At the same time, DFTS delivers proven value for money. Initially we replaced 19 networks with one secure network, helping the MOD to save £700 million; today savings are on track to top £800 million. As a fully managed service it eliminates technology procurement risks, while BT people work hard to deliver a great service.

Our secure voice, data and video services are used every day by the MOD, Defence Industry contractors and Partners Across Government (PAGs). These services span the full range of secure access and encryption levels, from OFFICIAL to SECRET and above. We manage 970 sites and over 225,000 users for the MOD. Our VPN is one of the largest in Europe carrying more than 750,000 calls a day.

Our Enterprise Gateway Service (EGS) processes around 300,000,000 emails every year, protecting Defence users by filtering approximately 60% which fail the security policy check.

Scale is only one side of the story. No less essential to the MOD is the assurance DFTS offers on speed, flexibility, and security. For example, being able to set up secure video conference calls at short notice. That includes people in multiple locations, offering rapid access to the right data.

MOD has chosen to extend the contract twice. Most recently, in 2010, it was extended to 2015. Renowned for providing secure communications to key players in Defence, we understand security & resilience are their absolute number one priority. We’re proud of this and the impact DFTS has made across UK Defence..

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The details

Our DFTS services

BT Connect

  • Enterprise Gateway Service (EGS)
    The only MOD approved means of accessing the internet whilst connected to the RESTRICTED LAN Interconnect (RLI).
  • Managed Site Connectivity (MSC)
    Site wiring including fault repair and restoration, moves and changes to existing infrastructure, and new work ranging from simple connectivity to complex survey’s, connectivity and designs.
  • Point to Point Service (PPS)
    Exclusive use of a dedicated fixed link for secure data transfer between locations.
  • RESTRICTED LAN Interconnect (RLI)
    Access, share and update information on this secure network up to and including OFFICIAL-SENSITVE level from any UK or overseas location.
  • RESTRICTED LAN Interconnect Remote Access (RLI RA)
    Real-time access to RLI applications from home or whilst on the move.
  • SECRET LAN Interconnect (SLI)
    Access, share and update information on this accredited network up to SECRET level from any UK or overseas location.

BT One

  • BT MeetMe
    Audio conferencing service enables up to 40 participants from any location to meet to discuss information without leaving their desks.
  • BT Event Call
    Operator-assisted audio conferencing with pre-registration, facilitation, recording and transcription features for large audiences.
  • Circuit Switched Service (CSS)
    Primary voice service of MOD allowing you to speak on our secure network up to and including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE level.
  • Enhanced Video TeleConferencing (eVTC)
    All the benefits of a physical meeting, allowing you to share video and documents at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE and SECRET levels.
  • Managed PSTN
    Highly competitive rates for calls across the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Circuit Switched Service (CSS) required.
  • Secure Speech Service (SSS)
    Enables conversations between users to take place at up to and including SECRET level.
  • Smartnumbers
    Route calls to any phone wherever you are – in the office, at home, or travelling.


  • Managed Mobile
    Full range of mobile handsets under one contract and supplier with one point of contact for queries.
  • 3G Broadband data cards
    Fast remote access to the RESTRICTED LAN Interconnect at home or on the move bringing the world to your laptop.
  • MOD BlackBerry
    Seamlessly synchronise your MOD desktop email, calendar and contacts with your handset to allow truly mobile working. Speak at OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE level using our secure mobile voice app.

BT Contact

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    Create a virtual call centre by combining calls from multiple locations to a single point of contact.
  • Auto Attendant
    Manage your incoming calls by allowing callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of a receptionist.

Find out more get in touch now, if you have access to the military network go to, or alternatively please contact our helpdesk on 0800 389 2272 Option 8.


Delivered by BT on behalf of the MOD, our fully managed, secure communications are used every day by the UK Armed Forces.

Partners Across Government (PAGs) and Defence industry partners can sign up to DFTS services through a DFTS Catalogue Access Agreement (CAA) or Memorandum of Agreement (MoA).