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Flexible working for the Police Service


Flexible working for the Police Service

We worked with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to introduce flexible working for their HQ staff.

With our help, GMP was able to design, develop and introduce shared desk working for 97 per cent of HQ employees in less than 6 months. This enabled them to move to a new smaller HQ building which accommodates 1,100 support staff but with only 500 desks.

As a result, the force has saved £3.6m with further year on year savings of £1.2m and is on target to reduce its office estate by 30 per cent by 2015, reducing operational costs in line with government spending requirements, yet also increasing staff efficiency and satisfaction.

How we can help you

With Flexible Working from BT we can help your organisation rationalise your property estate and enable people to work anywhere.

We’ll help you roll out flexible working in the right way for your Force. We’ll manage every aspect – from providing equipment for your people to redesigning your office space. There’ll be minimum disruption, and everything will happen quickly and smoothly.

Our experience as an early adopter of Flexible Working is that it promises to deliver huge benefits. Technology is important. But sustainable, long term change needs to get people involved early. And processes need to be redesigned. Trying to fit existing processes around technology just doesn’t work.

What we deliver

Our core BT Workstyle services include:

  • Access to BT expertise, methodologies and experience throughout the programme.
  • A tried and tested approach that addresses HR, IT and property issues, tailored to your organisation.
  • Structure and starting point to create and deliver all the information, policies and support material required to make flexible working succeed.
  • Hands-on support for managers and departments to show how flexible working will work for them.
  • Tools and support to help change how people work, rather than just changing job labels.
  • Advice and consultancy from our specialists to help you drive the programme successfully.
  • End user support by telephone and email throughout the process.
  • Management information to ensure you get the benefits you want.
  • Continuing input and advice to help you respond to new legislation, technology developments or changes in your business strategy

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Flexible working for the Police Service availability

Flexible working for the Police Service is available for UK public sector organisations.