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Connect with your customers and drive efficiencies

We know how important it is to get every call from your customers right, both for them and for your business. Unhappy customers don’t hang around – they hang up and move on!

Be there for your customers, all the time
Choose from a wide range of memorable numbers that are yours and yours alone. You can keep the same number, if you move location and as you expand, making it easier for your customers to get in touch

Make every call count
Advanced routing means your customers always get through to the right person, wherever they are. And that helps you to keep costs down and hold on to more of your customers.

Work more efficiently
You can monitor and analyse data on your calls with our reporting tools. So you’ll be able to spot trends, plan for the future and keep an eye on costs.

By working closely with stakeholders and using innovative technology we’ve improved people’s everyday lives while driving up productivity. We now have a platform that can cope with virtually any demand even in the most difficult of circumstances.”
Ian McCrickard, Modernisation Programme Manager, Northern Ireland Housing Executive

We can build the price of the service round your business’s needs. It’s based on connection and rental fees plus the type of call, you can benefit from discounts based on the number of minutes you commit to and the length of your contract.

We’re trusted around the world

We’re tried and trusted. We have over 25 years’ experience, and we run inbound calls services for many FTSE 100 companies. Our network handles over 7 billion calls every year supporting more than 60,000 customers.

We have a team of experts to help match our capabilities to your business. They’ll make sure your business gets exactly the technology and service it needs. We’ll work with you to find the right services and products. For example, you can design your call routing plans to help you cope with peaks in demand, ensuring no calls go unanswered.

Our prices are competitive and flexible, so we’ll be able to help, whatever your budget.

Technical specs

Treat your customers better and boost efficiency

Multiple access numbers
Our access numbers across different territories include:

  • Geographical numbers/public switched telephone network (PSTN)/caller pays Freefone (domestic and international)
  • Shared rate/cost
  • Premium rate universal international Freefone number (UIFN)

Call routing features

Our flexible options give you full control over how you route calls across your contact centres. They include:

  • Standard routing – sends calls to a set destination.
  • Holiday routing – helps you plan for holidays and annual shutdowns.
  • Day of week routing – helps you plan for set days or weekends.
  • Time of day routing (time interval routing) – sends calls to different contact centres based on the time of day.
  • Geographic routing – sends calls to the right language queue.
  • Call limiting – limits the number of simultaneous calls to particular destinations.
  • Call queuing – limits the number of simultaneous calls to particular numbers.
  • Load-based routing – distributes calls by load-sharing criterion (percentage base or nth call).
  • Menu-based routing – a menu of destinations, simpler than Network Interactive Voice Response (NIVR).
  • Call forwarding – re-routes a call to another destination.
  • Disaster recovery – includes alternative routing plans, multilingual emergency messages and overflow options.
  • Dialled number identification service (DNIS) – manages certain calls such as promotion numbers to help you monitor your marketing activities.
  • Calling line identifier (CLI) – we only support CLI for direct access lines in certain cases, depending on Public Telephone Telegraph (PTT) availability and local regulatory restrictions.
  • Blacklist – lets you block callers, like stalkers on Freefone numbers.
  • Whitelist – a list of numbers to permitted callers.


Be global, act local

There are two variants of Inbound Contact, national and global. The national variant is available within the UK but for a global solution please see the related Inbound Contact global.


Clear reporting

Inbound Contact services come with reporting software – Inbound Analyst for the UK and Call Traffic Controller and reporter for our global customers.

Service Level Agreements

Reliability as standard

Back-up and extra capacity mean our platforms are ultra-reliable. In fact, our Inbound Contact services run at 99.998 per cent reliability. So faults are very rare, but if they do happen we fix 97.5 per cent within five hours. Our Service Level Agreements mean that if we don’t meet our commitments, you get credits on your account.



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Connect with your customers and drive efficiencies