Integrated solutions for Health

Integrated solutions for Health

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The benefits

Join up processes, share information, increase productivity

Care organisations need to transform to deal with an increasing demand for services and strained financial resources. Joining up processes, sharing information and increasing productivity are critical.

Our Integrated Solutions help health and social care organisations achieve better outcomes for patients and smarter working for care professionals. We’ll work with you to identify how your needs can be enabled by technology, transformation and innovation. We deliver portal solutions for information sharing and analytics solutions to meet complex customer requirements.

We will help health and social care organisations to:

  • Share information and intelligence, safely and securely, with interoperability
  • Use clinical and social care information to support business decisions and service planning
  • Make better clinical & care decisions
  • Improve processes and increase the effectiveness of your services.

We handle the complexity around information governance and data sharing agreements between all parties to ensure safe, secure information sharing to an agreed set of rules and standards. We will build and host the platform needed to connect the different systems in your organisation as well as handling technical issues.

We’re unique in offering this innovative federated health and social care service. And we’re here to help transform the way care is delivered.


For UK public sector

Available for public sector organisations in the UK.

Technical specifications

Clinical and technical knowledge

We supply all of the technology you’ll need with the clinical and technical knowledge to make it work for your organisation.