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BT Internet Connect UK

Get your business internet connection anywhere in the UK from the country’s leading leased line internet access provider. It’s fast and reliable, so you and your customers can count on it.

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Internet Connect delivers uncontended, IPv6, business grade internet connectivity with a 100% SLA – to find out more watch our new video

Fast, reliable connection from the market leader

Always on, or your money back
Many providers offer a 99.9 per cent service level target. But can you really afford eight hours’ downtime a year? Our 100 per cent service level target means that if there’s any downtime, you don’t pay for it.

Guaranteed speed
You won’t be sharing your connection with other customers, so speed stays constant, even at peak times. You can get access from 2Mbps to 10Gbps and with more than 900 points of contact, we can keep prices low.

Stay in control
You can manage your costs by changing bandwidth in as little as 72 hours, so you only pay for what you need. And you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting because you can check performance any time at

Keep customers happy
If your access is speedy and reliable, your websites will be too. And that means a better experience for your customers and more revenue. You’ll be closer to customers too – 35 per cent of UK broadband users are on the same network.
Built-in security
We monitor for Denial of Service attacks as standard and BT Cleanfeed protects you against illegal content. You also have the option of malicious attack and DDoS protection. We share security measures and experience across our whole network to bring you the best there is. And we’re the UK’s number one managed IT security provider.

Be prepared for the future with the move to a new dimension of intelligent networks, networks which are intuitively intelligent, instantly adaptive, totally reliable, highly sustainable and ingeniously simple.

Web pages load in a fraction of the time they used to take and we have been able to provide more external access to lighten the workload on office-based staff.”
- Stephen Allix, Financial controller, Plastique

What it costs

Prices will vary depending on where you are, so get in touch with your account manager to get a quote and talk through your service options.

We have a number of special offers including free connection on three and five-year contracts. We are constantly improving our bandwidth pricing, offering more for less.

There are good reasons why we’re the UK’s No1

We’re the UK’s number one internet access provider - 35 per cent of the country’s broadband users get their service from us.

Our service level agreements are very simple – we aim for 100 per cent service levels or your money back.

We won in four categories of the 2010 World Communications Awards: Best Global Operator, Best Technology Foresight, the Green Award and Best Wholesale Carrier.

Datamonitor named us the number one managed security services outsourcing vendor (January 2010).


Technical specs

Fast, reliable, flexible network access

BT Internet Connect UK uses Cisco routers that we manage and install.

Service speeds
We offer service speeds between 2Mbps and 10Gbps in small steps and we can change them within 72 hours.

Average round-trip transmission time is 20 milliseconds or less in the UK, 40 milliseconds or less in Europe and 95 milliseconds to the US.

IP and application services
Primary DNS
– we include and host 10 primary DNS names free of charge.
Secondary DNS – we include and host 250 secondary DNS names free of charge.
Applications – mail and USENet included, BT Internet Connect UK Newsread optional.
Static IP routes – as many as you need.

Resilience options
– used to set up multi-homing to a second internet service provider.
Failover – all traffic goes over one primary access circuit, failing over to secondary access.
Load balance – shares traffic in normal operation over the two physical accesses.

Accreditation – BSI 7799/ISO 17799.
Illegal content – BT Cleanfeed uses the Internet Watch Foundation’s black list to prevent users from downloading illegal content.
Denial of Service – proactive monitoring against DDoS attacks, DoS floods, Protocol Misuse, Worms and behaviour anomaly-based attacks.


Available across the UK

We have more access points than anyone else, so you’re never far from our network. And more and more parts of the UK are benefiting from our “Ethernet in the First Mile” (EFM) access that gives you exclusive low cost internet bandwidth. Ask your account manager about availability.


Make the most of the net to connect

BT Internet Connect UK lets you connect with customers through internet-based applications including information capturing and security checking.

It is key to your intelligent network solution from BT Global Services

Service Level Agreement

Great service, or you pay less

Our Service Level Agreement means you pay less if we don’t live up to our commitments.


We aim for 100 per cent availability for leased lines and Ethernet over fibre access circuits, and 99.50% for Ethernet over Copper delivered services. If we fall short, you get a credit on your account.


If we deliver late, we’ll connect you for less.

Network Performance

BT will manage its network to high performance levels. It will demonstrate its success based on round trip delay measurements and packet loss between network nodes on selected routes. The definition of these routes and BT’s performance is published at Internet Connect Site to Site Reports




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Flexible, assured availability and performance

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Smarter network. Smarter IT.

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