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Local government lone workers


Maintain your duty of care to your lone workers

Employers have a duty of care for their people. We all want to make sure our colleagues are safe and not just because there are legal requirements to be considered. People working alone and in the community are likely to be perfectly safe. But there may be times when risks are increased.

Our mobile solutions have a number of lone worker applications that are designed with the safety of your employees in mind.

What we deliver

  • We can equip lone workers with a protection system that allows them to quickly and discreetly notify their employer if they feel their safety is put at risk via a button on their mobile device
  • A countdown timer can activate an alert if it is not deactivated
  • Test messaging, emails or voice calls can be used to make you aware of the situation
  • The location of the employee can be shown on a map
  • Easy to do business – you can procurement via established framework contracts such as G-Cloud

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Available for UK Public sector

Local government lone workers is available for UK public sector organisations.