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Local government public sector network


Enabling organisations to work together

For public sector organisations, managing with reducing budgets and increasing demands is now becoming the norm. An increasing number of organisations are looking to save costs by collaboration with each other - to share physical infrastructure and resources. This can lead to better information and resource sharing, and more efficient ways of working.

One of the key elements in facilitating this is a network infrastructure that enables organisations to work together to reduce the number of separate and often replicated networks and databases.

Public sector organisations need to be able to establish networks to save costs and work more efficiently. As well as being secure, and scalable.

The Public Sector Network (PSN) enables better collaboration. Information can be securely shared across organisations with access based on needs and roles.

What can PSN deliver?

  • Reduced costs via consolidation of multiple networks
  • A platform to shared services, improved collaboration and greater efficiency.
  • Access to cloud based and hosted services
  • More joined up public services
  • Security on the network for Restricted information – IL3 in old terms

Why BT?

BT has been involved from the outset, working with the Cabinet Office alongside other suppliers to define and develop PSN. Our breadth of ability and coverage across the PSN lots is one of the highest of any organisation. We offer you:

  • Coverage - with the largest network covering the UK
  • Security – assured core network delivering critical services at all security levels to Government
  • Breadth of portfolio – cloud and hosted services available through many procurement channels such the PSN and G-Cloud frameworks make it easy to do business with us
  • Commitment – we are founding and board members of PSNGB with investment of over £30m in PSN services to date
  • Flexibility – from single connections to complex multi-service networks

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Available for UK Public sector

Local government public sector network is available for UK public sector organisations.

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