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BT One Voice expenses

Telecom expense management

Save up to 30% on your mobile costs with our telecom expense management solution

The world is becoming more mobile and more connected and organizations need to get control of spiraling mobile costs. With a predicted 750% increase in data usage by 2016, it has never been more important to manage usage levels, optimize internal processes and gain insight into costs. Indeed, some companies are struggling with extortionate annual bills, just for the roaming element of mobile costs. BT’s telecom expense management solution (One Mobile expenses) allows you to identify, understand and control costs. We’ll help you get a clear idea of what you’re spending on mobility, and show you how to get back in control.

Pay for what you need, and no more
We’ll make sure the invoices from your mobile operators reflect what you’re really using. If we find you’ve been charged too much, we’ll help you claim the money back. This often saves between 5 and 10 per cent.

Cut down on use
We’ll advise you on corporate mobility policies and tools to reduce the time people spend on mobile working. Typically this saves between 5 and 20 per cent.

Get the right tariff for you
We’ll help you find the best tariff from your mobile supplier. This can help save between 5 and 20 per cent.

Let us take the strain
With us managing your suppliers, analysing your costs, getting your policies compliant, processing your orders for mobile kit and supporting your users, you won’t need to spend as much time and money in-house.

What sets BT One Voice expenses apart is that our objective really is to save money for our customers. Because BT is not a mobile operator, we are not driven by the need to grow revenue from users and so we can work objectively and openly with our clients and help bring about very often quite drastic cost reductions.”
- Christine Vincent, BT Head of Managed Mobility

What it costs

We offer One Voice expenses in standard service packages to meet your needs in different countries.

Pricing is based on the countries, users and services we cover for you. It’s based on a combination of a charge per user set up and a monthly fee.

For detailed information, click “Get a quote”.

Trusted around the world

We’ve built a reputation for helping organisations take control of their mobility costs. And reduce them.

At the moment, we support more than 200,000 mobile users in more than 90 countries, across 220 mobile operators. Our legal and regulatory expertise means we can manage contracts and negotiations for you in many parts of the world. And our unique methods for analysing and auditing your mobile use help us really get to grips with your cost base.

We also know all about the many different tariffs and data structures that operators around the world use. That expertise is vital to helping you save money. And since we’re not a mobile operator, saving you money is all we’re interested in.

Technical specs

Keeping your bills and costs under control

Projects usually begin with a Quick Start consulting package. It includes a workshop to analyse your business issues, benefits and priorities. Then a more detailed health check covers your mobile contracts, tariffs, inventory and use data.

After the initial auditing, the core service includes:

Invoice management – we take care of invoices from your mobile operators from receipt to payment. And we put all the details on an easy-to-use website. We’ll also chase missing invoices to see you aren’t landed with late payment fees. And we’ll check invoices against your inventory to make sure you aren’t being charged for inactive lines or accounts. Finally, we’ll make sure all the information goes to the right cost centres so you can upload it into your accounting systems.

Ordering and inventory management – we’ll get your mobile policies and a catalogue of your approved mobile equipment and tariffs onto an ordering portal. You can approve orders from your users before we place them for you. Users can then track their orders. We’ll also work with you to create a data feed from your HR applications so we can check up to date information on your users against what we get from the mobile operators.

Management information – we’ll use electronic call data records to set up reports on how much you’re spending. You can see them online and download them. They’ll tell you who’s spending most (and least) and what kinds of calls they’re making, including premium rate calls. You can also use them to create custom reports and charts. And you can make the information available to individual users so they can see their own or their teams’ spending. The more visible the information is, the more it will help you keep the bill down by cutting the number of minutes and messages.

Analytics – we’ll audit your invoices to make sure your contracts are right for you. And we’ll take any issues up with your mobile operators. Our quarterly audit checks that bills add up and makes sure there are no duplicate charges or charges for invalid users. We check data for issues like average rates for certain types of call, and then look further to find the scale of any problems. And we compare your invoices with your contract to make sure they’re sticking to agreed rates. We’ll check to see your tariffs are right for the kinds of calls you’re making.

You can also take advantage of services helping you get the best tariffs, move users to different contracts or rates, develop a mobile policy and put it into action.


Available globally

BT One Voice expenses is available around the world in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Service Level Agreement

Great service, or you pay less

Our Service Level Agreement covers all the main parts of your service, from when we deliver it to when it’s available. Our target for availability is 99.9 per cent. If we fall short of any of our commitments, you get credits on your account.



BT One Voice expenses


Bring your mobility costs under control

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