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BT MeetMe video


Video conferencing just got easier.

We've video-enabled our BT MeetMe audio conferencing service so now any conference can use audio or video.

Using a single set of passcodes participants can now choose how they would like to join a meeting. They can even choose the most appropriate device to access the meeting such as a smartphone, a desktop running an instant messaging client or web browser, a dedicated video device or even an immersive video system (to help extend the life of your legacy video platforms).

Calls are accessed securely and easily: you don't need be on the same network as other participants and you don't need a dedicated video room. And if participants prefer they can simply dial-into the call just using audio and not miss a thing. BT MeetMe video is a cloud based service so there's no capital expenditure costs or any ongoing upgrades as we'll take care of all of that.

Extend the reach of your conference.

Our reservationless BT MeetMe video service helps you collaborate inside and outside your organisation, and means you can get more out of any investment that you may have in Microsoft Lync as Lync users can also use BT MeetMe video to connect with other Lync users and different video devices.

The benefits

Benefits of using BT MeetMe video.

  • Easier to work together – your teams can be more effective and responsive
  • Speeds up decision making – helping you serve your customers better and beat the competition
  • Cuts costs and improves ROI – freeing up your budget for new and innovative projects
  • It's scalable and flexible – use it as often as you like, for small and large conference calls
  • Interoperability – connect easily with people on different technologies, devices and networks
  • Connect easily with other organisations – lets you invite anyone from any organisation
  • Peace of mind – you can collaborate without exposing your network to any danger
  • Make the most of Microsoft Lync – use BT MeetMe video to connect Microsoft Lync users either inside or outside your organisation



Enabling global collaboration.

Check with your BT account manager for specific deployment in region.



BT MeetMe video

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